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Le Commandant Charcot Ross Sea Expeditions

Sailing the Ross Sea means discovering one of the most extreme and conserved universes in the Antarctic. Partially occupied by the Ross Ice Shelf, the largest ice platform in Antarctica, this immense bay located over 150 miles from the South Pole, is considered as “the last ocean,” the last intact marine ecosystem and the largest marine sanctuary since 2016. Here, the cold is more intense, the wind more powerful, the ice more impressive and the scenery more spectacular.

In the heart of this polar Garden of Eden, where the ice shelf turns into icebergs, encounter prodigious fauna, as well as surrealist landscapes with infinite shades of blue and stunning reliefs. Antarctic petrels, Minke whales, orcas and seals are at home here, as are very large colonies of Adelie and emperor penguins. This itinerary cruises round-trip from Ushuaia, Argentina, with bookend flights between Santiago, Chile and Ushuaia.

Choose a 28- or 30-day itinerary that travels along all of western Antarctica, between Ushuaia, Argentina, and Dunedin, New Zealand, bookended by charter flights that connect Auckland, New Zealand, and Santiago, Chile (in 2024, departures instead begin or end in Lyttelton, New Zealand). On these half-circumnavigation departures, explore the biodiverse Macquarie Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with four species of penguin: king, royal, gentoo and southern rockhopper. The 28-day itinerary adds time exploring southern Antarctica’s Victoria Land and Adelie Land while the 30-day itinerary spends twice as much time exploring Marie Byrd Land.

Cruise aboard the sophisticated and sustainability-minded Le Commandant Charcot. This spacious 245-guest hybrid electric ship carries a maximum of 200 guests in Antarctica, with French-inspired luxury and a focus on food, wellness, onboard engagement and active programming. Participate in citizen science with Le Commandant Charcot’s onboard research laboratory, and enjoy included activities such as kayaking and hiking. This modern, innovative ship with five-star service makes her a top pick within our luxury Antarctica cruises.

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