Ocean Diamond

189 guests
crew members
144 crew members
407 feet
52 feet
16 feet
cruising speed
15.5 knots
ice class

Please note that Ocean Diamond is not actively sailing any cruises listed with Adventuresmith Explorations. Contact us for current information on this ship and comparable options, or browse all of our small Antarctica ships to filter by ship size.

Sail aboard the Ocean Diamond, a modern, stable super-yacht and experience one of the most eco-friendly ships in Antarctica. Carrying a maximum of 189 passengers, this outstanding small ship features numerous adventure options plus onboard amenities such as a massage and wellness program.

Ocean Diamond Review

AdventureSmith Explorations’ Ocean Diamond review includes a detailed description of the small ship including deck plans and a photo gallery. Our experts have been aboard nearly every small expedition ship in Antarctica. Please read our Ocean Diamond review below then contact our polar cruise experts to compare the Ocean Diamond with other other Antarctica ships and ice-class expedition ships offering Antarctica cruises.

Choose the Ocean Diamond if you want to experience Antarctica on a high-tech vessel with the least impact on the environment. With a cruising speed of 15.5 knots, the Ocean Diamond saves up to 12 hours on the Drake crossing, giving you more time to enjoy Antarctica.

Sustainability Aboard Ocean Diamond

All guests aboard Ocean Diamond travel knowing their carbon emissions are offset. Ocean Diamond was the first vessel in polar travel history to offer carbon neutral voyages. Travelers to Antarctica, one of the world’s most remote and remarkable destinations for once-in-a-lifetime vacations, are guaranteed to have a “green” experience at no added cost to any passenger. Quark offsets an estimated 5,682 tons of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2) with select hydro-power, wind-power and reforestation CarbonNeutral projects in Turkey, Kenya, India and China, one of which is a gold standard project.

Ocean Diamond’s guests also automatically support the work of the Scott Polar Research Institute. Founded in 1920 in Cambridge, United Kingdom, the Scott Polar Research Institute is the oldest international center for polar research within a university, linking the history of polar exploration with modern research. For every traveler aboard Ocean Diamond, a financial contribution is made and travelers are enrolled in the Friends of Scott Polar Research Institute association.

Common Areas & Dining Aboard Ocean Diamond

Highlights of the Ocean Diamond include a bar staffed by a professional bartender, theater-style auditorium, clinic with licensed doctor, photography program including the services of a resident photography instructor, Polar Library containing a large collection of polar books and DVDs, Massage and Wellness program offering yoga classes, aromatherapy treatments and massage therapy. A passenger elevator makes navigating decks easy and chefs pamper guests three times daily with delicious meals.

Activities Aboard Ocean Diamond

Zodiac cruising and hiking are included on every departure. Optional camping, kayaking and one-time paddling excursions are also available aboard the Ocean Diamond. Each expedition is staffed with expert captains, officers, expedition leaders and guides who help passengers get the most out of every activity.

Cabins & Deck Plan Aboard Ocean Diamond

All cabins and suites have exterior views, private bathrooms with a shower, wardrobes and drawers, flat-screen TVs, DVD player, individual temperature controls, in-room safe, satellite telephone access and hair dryer.