In early 2020, we watched the global travel doors close dramatically. While many have reopened, it truly takes a village to stay abreast of all the near-daily changes to guidelines, advisories, policies and deals. Working to solve complex travel challenges has always been at the core of our business, so especially during times like these, we are proud to be your trusted travel advisor.

While our whole-hearted support goes out to those still impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, we continue to work hard at the job we know how to do best: facilitate trips of a lifetime.

For those in the position to travel now, or start planning future travel now, it’s an especially prime time to have your eye on the style of travel AdventureSmith is known for. And if you haven’t relied on a travel specialist before, now is the time to start. First we’ll review the advantages then give some quick advice for intrepid travelers ready to explore.

The Benefits of Small, Sustainable Travel

Our curated expedition cruises and wilderness adventures are getting more national attention than ever amid travelers’ desire to explore remote places with small groups. We represent a select portfolio of small ships that, depending on the destination, range from an average of 20 to 100 guests and have flexible itineraries. Our core destinations have long offered natural social distancing, and the size of these expedition ships means that crews and passengers will benefit from not being surrounded by thousands of other travelers in port or onboard.

Early in the pandemic, when the CDC restricted large cruise lines, small ships continued to lead the charge in exploring the earth by sea in smaller more controlled environments.

Charters & Private Trips

Private travel is in demand. All of the small ships that we work with are available to charter with your own small group for the ultimate privacy, exclusivity, flexibility and customization.

Akin to chartering a yacht, we also offer private and customizable land-tour options away from the crowds. You can buy-out and reserve a stay in one of our many wilderness lodges, smaller boutique haciendas and luxury camps on an exclusive basis—just you and your chosen companions—in the world’s most spectacular regions.

Our Team Is Your Best Resource & Greatest Ally

AdventureSmith has strong, longtime relationships with our partners and thus in-depth knowledge about travel destinations, operators and their responses to the pandemic. We have been in continuous contact with our ground operators, small ships, wilderness lodges and industry organizations worldwide, to ensure we can not only provide the most up-to-date information but also to advocate for our booked clients and their adjusting needs. We are in the field, experiencing travel in the age of COVID-19 and reporting back with our firsthand insight and advice. All of this combined can assist you in making the right decision about your travel plans.

We Offer Peace of Mind

As trusted advisors (awarded multiple times by Condé Nast Traveler), our team will discuss the wide variety of booking options and trip terms & conditions. Booking a trip, deciding on travel insurance, navigating testing requirements, and adjusting any travel plans are all made easier and with peace of mind through our personalized customer service. “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor,” and you can benefit from our team’s experience with all the facets of travel, including unforeseen interruptions.

Vaccination Requirements

We represent many vessels worldwide, and virtually all are enforcing vaccination requirements for crew and passengers alike. Our domestic and global partners must comply with complex sets of local, state, federal and international country guidelines, and many times operate with additional vaccination and testing requirements to get aboard. We believe adjusting to safe travel requirements only leads to a more safe and enjoyable experience onboard during this ongoing pandemic.

Trip Insurance Is Essential

Comprehensive travel insurance has always been highly recommended by AdventureSmith Explorations. But now more than ever with unforeseeable uncertainties, it is of utmost importance that you protect your travel investment. Budget for the additional cost, and do not book a trip without it. Not only is buying travel insurance recommended by the U.S. Department of State, but some countries and operators also require proof of medical insurance and/or travel insurance for entry. Learn more about travel insurance, or contact our trusted partners at Travelex Insurance for a personalized quote.

Be Flexible & Enjoy Planning

In this ever-changing environment, what is expected of travelers today, may change in 6 months or next year. Protocols evolve daily as more information becomes available, so stay flexible and don’t over-plan. Let the experts at AdventureSmith keep you informed so you can keep your sense of adventure and have an enjoyable experience.

Your travel will have a positive and direct impact on the destinations and communities we explore. So curate that bucket list, and when you’re ready to travel or talk travel, we are here for you.

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