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Andando Tours encompasses Angermeyer Cruises, which has a storied history in the Galapagos, Humboldt Expeditions, experts in Ecuador’s Avenue of Volcanoes and a network of strategic partners running the length and breadth of Ecuador. This family-founded company is noted for pioneering tourism in the Galapagos.

Andando Tours History

The story of Andando Tours and Angermeyer Cruises starts like a Robinson Crusoe tale. Four Angermeyer brothers (Karl, Fritz, Hans and Gustav), fascinated by the Galapagos Islands thanks to tales from a Dutch sea captain and storied visits by Captain Cook, Herman Melville and Charles Darwin, sailed from Hitler’s Germany in 1935. After their arrival in 1937, they spent more than a decade trying to settle in the Galapagos, moving from site to site in search of a suitable living environment. Their first experiences as farmers quickly convinced them that they were not made to plow the land, and in no time they began fishing, which lead to boat building. Finding their boats useful to foreign visitors and scientists, they started to evolve and adapt, in true Galapagan form, from fishing boats to tourist charters.

The Angermeyers made tourism in the Galapagos a family tradition, offering pioneer charter visits that date back to the very first days of the national park’s foundation. With a lifetime of profound knowledge and experience as to how this wonderful natural world can be best appreciated, the Angermeyer family has perfected the art of adventure cruise comfort through a long history and passion for boat building and sailing.

Andando & Angermeyer Cruises

All Andando Tours services, including transportation, hotels, and restaurants, have been closely inspected, are continually monitored and are certifiably among the best and safest in Ecuador and South America. With years of experience as pioneers and leaders in the tourism industry, Andando Tours offers the highest travel and safety standards, as well as heart-felt concern for the environment and the local communities at each and every one of its destinations. Angermeyer Cruises is Rainforest Alliance verified, complying with the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria in support of a healthy planet and economically viable community.

Why Choose Andando Tours & Angermeyer Cruises

A storied past, ecologically sound operations and a well-cared for fleet are hallmarks of Andando Tours and Angermeyer Cruises. They are some of the first operators AdventureSmith Explorations worked with because of their history in the Galapagos. “People who call Galapagos their home are the types of people we want showing our guests the islands,” says AdventureSmith Explorations founder and president Todd Smith.

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