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One of the best ways to learn more about a trip or travel style is word of mouth. That’s why our collection of small ship cruise reviews combines adventure stories, travel tales, expert insights and trip testimonials so you can see the full picture before you book your cruise with AdventureSmith. First-hand reviews from travel experts and real travelers is the next best thing to being there so read on to learn all about the world of small ship cruising.

Expert Reviews

Look for posts titled Expert Review for insight from the team at AdventureSmith Explorations. Our crew is aboard small ship cruises every month of the year inspecting itineraries, new operators, new ships and unique cruising locations to take the guesswork out of booking your travel. Our Expert Reviews typically cover the highlights of the itinerary, as well as a review of the ship. 

Traveler Reviews

Posts written by AdventureSmith travelers are also featured to showcase our clients’ experiences on our trips. These cruise reviews are honest, unedited submissions, and often include great photography and travel stories we all can relate to. Authentic traveler reviews of small ship cruises provide firsthand accounts of what small ship cruising is really like. Travelers review the cruise line, ships, cabins, service, food, shore excursions, off-vessel activities and more. Use the filters below to distinguish expert reviews from traveler reviews.

Cruise Testimonials

AdventureSmith’s small ship cruise reviews also extend to individual cruise testimonials. When our booked travelers return from their cruises, they fill out cruise evaluations so that our crew can learn from their experience and improve customer service and travel experiences for each guest. Testimonial givers rate their overall experience along with the ship’s food, guides and accommodations. In addition, you can find insight and reviews of our company and tips our travelers have for future guests of our cruises.  

Expert Aboard Small Ship Reviews

Look for the expert aboard label to view small ship reviews from our experienced staff. These reviews focus on the ship and its amenities with firsthand insider tips on which cabins to choose and how the ship compares to others in the region. At first glance many small ships seem the same but each has its own personality and our expert aboard reviews help you determine the best small ship for you.

Cruise Reviews by Destination

Use the filters below to view small ship cruise reviews by destination or go directly to Alaska cruise reviews, Amazon cruise reviews, Antarctica cruise reviews, Arctic cruise reviews, Baja California cruise reviews, Galapagos cruise reviews or Mediterranean cruise reviews. Our extensive selection of small ship reviews is constantly being updated so check back often for the latest insight and information.

A Word About Small Ship Cruise Reviews Online

There are now countless small ship cruise review websites on the internet. Many offer honest advice and useful insights but some need to be taken with a grain of salt. Use online reviews as a tool but do not rush to judgement if you encounter a negative review. Often this is the result of a mismatch between the style of the traveler and the type of cruise they were on. For instance, if a traveler is expecting luxury, but ends up on a base-camp adventure cruise, they may not be happy. Or if a traveler is looking for active adventure but ends up on a port cruise they will be frustrated by the slow pace. Small ship cruising is a niche industry with lots of nuance and travelers can be overwhelmed by the amount of information and opinions available. Our experts are trained to learn about your interests, ability and budget and match you with the best cruise option, which will result in a glowing review.    

Personal Referrals

The best type of small ship cruise review is a personal referral. Ask our Adventure Specialists to put you in touch with someone who has traveled to the destination and aboard the ship you are interested in. Our clients are our best advocates and they can help you understand the nuances of this style of travel and help you determine the best cruise for you. Shy away from agencies and operators that will not provide personal referrals and reviews.

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AdventureSmith Explorations offers small ship cruises worldwide, aboard ships carrying 8 to 250 guests. While we curate our cruises so that they are all top-notch experiences, these particular trips have received some of our consistently best cruise reviews. Browse these popular cruises, then let our Adventure Specialists be your ultimate guide to selecting and booking the best cruise for your destination of interest, travel style, budget and timing 

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