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See wild Baja as few do: aboard small ships that reveal whale-filled bays and a coast of hidden coves and beaches that simply cannot be reached by land. Our experts will match you with the right itinerary based on your goals.
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Find Wildlife & Adventure on Baja Small Ship Cruises

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9 Cruises
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Small ships offer a Baja backstage pass with daily activities led by expert naturalist guides focused on learning and exploring off the boat in small groups. Hike among cactus forests, kayak the Sea of Cortez, lock eyes with gray whales in Magdalena Bay, swim alongside whale sharks in La Paz, and snorkel with sea lions at Los Islotes. Baja small ship cruises make it all possible with comfort and ease.

Explore the undeveloped coastline John Steinbeck called “ferocious with life” aboard our selection of Baja cruises and witness incredible wilderness and up-close wildlife found nowhere else on earth. Island hop within the Sea of Cortez, choose a comprehensive route around both sides of the peninsula, or cruise to Baja California down the coastline starting from southern California. Let us help you decipher between our Baja small ship cruises.

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Baja Small Ship Cruises
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From the Sea of Cortez to the Pacific Ocean coastline, a Baja cruise with AdventureSmith Explorations will venture off the beaten track, away from crowded resorts, to focus on the incredible diversity of the region. Now more than ever book with the confidence that comes from decades of experience. Here’s more reasons to book your Baja California cruise with us.

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Work with your very own Baja cruise specialist every step of the way to research, purchase & prepare for your cruise.

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Find the largest selection of Baja small ship cruises aboard owner-operated yachts, ranging in size from 8 to 100 guests.

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Our longstanding relationships with reputable Baja cruise operators translate into seamless sailings.

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Attain this affordable paradise with exclusive Baja cruise perks from a licensed & insured US-based company.

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Which Baja Cruise To Choose?

After extensive trials, hands-down our favorite way to explore Baja is by water. It is the quickest, easiest, and most comfortable way to island hop through Baja’s famed body of water. But there are more Baja cruises than ever before, so understanding the differences between your options is important. Some Baja cruises focus on education, while others have a more active, intimate or luxury approach. Start with our primer how to choose your Baja cruise for tips on finding the right Baja cruise itinerary and ship. Review our full selection of Baja small ship cruises then contact our experts for a personalized recommendation.

Thrilling Wildlife on Baja Cruises

Known as the Galapagos of the North, Baja California is paradise for marine mammals—and a must-visit for incredible wildlife encounters. Find 9 different whale species and more than 900 fish species, plus other marine life, including rays, dolphins, sea lions, sea turtles and whale sharks. Safe to say that all you have to do is join a Baja California cruise, then the wildlife will come to you.

But perhaps you want to target the height of calving season when gray whale encounters are at their peak, or specifically want to swim with whale sharks. Our month by month guide best time to visit Baja, can help define your initial goals and Baja cruise time-frame. Then for the ultimate planning advice, look to our Baja California cruise specialists who will ultimately match you with the best Baja cruise available based on your interests and wildlife you wish to see.

Planning Baja Mexico Cruises

There’s still time to book Baja cruises 2024. Compared to other exotic destinations where booking up to a year and a half before is a must, Baja cruises can be booked closer to departure. Demand for Sea of Cortez cruises 2024 saw small ship operators respond by extending their 2024 and 2025 Baja cruise seasons through April.

Allow our team to be your efficient and trusted resource throughout the selection, booking and trip preparation process. We are award-winning U.S.-based experts founded by a former Baja naturalist guide with the experience you need to navigate changing and challenging travel logistics.

“Small ship cruising is the best way to explore the remote, primarily road-less Baja California.”

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