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The vast and dynamic landscapes of Patagonia lure visitors from around the world. If you are an intrepid traveler who thrives off adventure, stunning vistas and unique wildlife, Patagonia is the perfect place for you. Put on your explorer’s hat and sail through the islands of Tierra del Fuego National Park, cruise the Strait of Magellan and Beagle Channel and visit Cape Horn. An expedition cruise in Patagonia can reveal Magellanic penguins, scenic fjords and glaciers, elephant seals, whales, sub-polar forest and the opportunity to sail the end of the Earth. Or, stay on land and travel through Patagonia’s world-famous craggy mountains where the contiguous Andes end. Patagonian trekking and adventures expose massive glaciers, emerald mountain lakes, ancient forests and one-of-a-kind wildlife such as guanacos and pumas. As travel experts, we are your ultimate resource. Browse our extensive Patagonia trip selection and get the best of both worlds with a cruise and land adventure. Are you ready to find your perfect Patagonia trip?

Patagonia is a diverse location, with varying regions to explore. As Patagonia experts, we offer not only incredible adventures in the mountains of Patagonia’s Torres del Paine, but also options to explore the intricate coastlines of Chile and Argentina. This region reveals glaciers, wildlife (including penguins!), remote islands and bays and stunning scenery.

Patagonia’s coast is a completely unique destination with limited access that only small ships can reach. Create a comprehensive Patagonia trip that includes both land and sea with the help of AdventureSmith Explorations for time spent exploring the mountains and coast of Patagonia.

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Planning Your Patagonia Trip
with AdventureSmith

Choosing to explore Patagonia with AdventureSmith means traveling with an award-winning company that boasts an incredible, hand-picked selection of Patagonia trips curated to be among the region’s best. Whether by land at Torres del Paine National Park or by sea among the fjords and glaciers, we have the perfect Patagonia vacation for active and inquisitive travelers.
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Work one-on-one with a single Adventure Specialist to book your Patagonia travel.

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Actively explore Patagonia with expert guides savvy on the best trails & wildlife viewing.

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Our reach can help dovetail your Patagonia travel with Antarctica & other nearby hotspots.

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The glacial lake at the end of the Patagonia Towers Base Hike with famous mountains towering above.

Our Style of Patagonia Travel

Patagonia’s remote landscapes invite explorations by our authentic, experiential lodges and small ships. On our trips, you’ll experience the best of Patagonia with a range of guided activities from hiking and trekking to birding and horseback riding. Our Patagonia travel options focus on nature, geology and wildlife, with Patagonia’s diversity coming to life as local experts guide you through the national parks and remote fjords in a choose-your-own-adventure style each day. Browse our scheduled Patagonia vacations or design your own Patagonia trip with exciting custom itineraries crafted by our staff.

Seamless Connections

Our team’s insight can be a lifesaver for the logistics that come with Patagonia travel. If you’re looking to trek, you’ll find that refugio lodging along the most famous trails fills up fast. Not to mention that getting to and from these remote Patagonia places, along with across the borders of Chile and Argentina can be another adventure in itself. Our team has done a bit of it all and can consult on why to cruise Patagonia, why to travel by land and how to do a bit of it all for a truly comprehensive experience. We’re also incredibly savvy on efficiently linking your Patagonia trip to your other adventures, be it an Antarctica cruise or just exploring Santiago or Buenos Aires with guided gastronomy tours.

Two hikers walk on a lakeside trail in Patagonia with the mountains towering in front of them.

“Our team’s insight can be a lifesafer for Patagonia logistics.”


Patagonia Travel

Temperature & Rainfall

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Avg. High (F) 59 59 55 50 44 40 39 42 46 51 55 58
Avg. Low (F) 44 43 41 38 34 31 30 32 34 37 40 42
Avg. Water Temp (F) 48.9 49.6 49.3 47.8 46 43.9 42.4 42.4 42.8 43.9 46 47.5
Avg. Rainfall (Inches) 1.1 1.0 1.0 0.3 0.2 0.4 4.4 3.3 1.9 1.6 0.7 1.5

Planning Your Travel Around Patagonia Weather

From navigating Patagonia’s infamous wind to going when there will be less crowds but cooler temperatures, there is a lot to learn about the Patagonia weather that can influence your travel timing decisions. Overall, it’s a destination known for its extremes—in both beauty and weather—so arriving prepared for any weather is key. Reference our climate chart or keep reading for more details about Patagonia’s diverse weather and seasonal nuances.

Want to Learn More About Patagonia’s Climate?

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