Polar Regions Arctic Cruise

Iceland & Greenland: Edge of the Arctic Cruise

Trace the rugged coast of the world’s largest island. Follow the route of the legendary Viking Erik the Red, from Iceland’s magnificent Westfjords peninsula across the Denmark Strait to the ice-sculpted shores of Greenland. Search for walrus, whales and caribou, and use the ship’s exploration tools to discover the undersea. Visit archaeological sites of Viking and Thule settlements and learn about everyday life near the Arctic Circle in charming coastal villages from Flatey Island to Nuuk. 

Highlights are many on this Iceland & Greenland cruise. Hike the dramatic Dynjandi Waterfall in Iceland’s remote Westfjords peninsula, and visit a farm that produces eiderdown. Explore Hvalsey and Brattahlíð, 10th-century Viking settlements founded by Erik the Red and his family in Greenland, and see the incredible Qilakitsoq mummies, preserved by freezing temperatures for some 500 years. Cruise among the dazzling icebergs calved by the Ilulissat Icefjord and encounter impressive tidewater glaciers in West Greenland. And experience local culture through visits to fishing villages and longhouses, folk performances, and tasting tours of traditional Greenlandic and Icelandic foods.

The 126-guest sister ships National Geographic Endurance and Resolution are technologically advanced, fully stabilized and equipped with a well-rounded set of exploration tools including an ROV and enough kayaks and Zodiacs to send all guests out exploring at the same time.

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