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Pacific Island Vacations
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Our Pacific Island vacations are varied. Seek out azure seas on a Tahiti vacation, discover moai statues on an Easter Island vacation, interact with Papua New Guinea’s unique communities or explore Hawaii’s lesser-known gems. Why book your Pacific Island vacation with AdventureSmith?

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Your Adventure Specialist helps you find, book & prep for your South Pacific vacation.

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Our Pacific Island vacations let you hike, bike, kayak, snorkel, dive & stand-up paddleboard.

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Our insight into Pacific Island trips ensures that you book the right islands for your interests.

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Our valued partnerships allow us to pass along the best Pacific Island deals to you.

White-sand beach with palm trees & small thatch-roofed hut with snorkel gear drying in the sun during a Pacific Island vacation.

Where Is The Best Snorkeling In The Pacific Islands?

All of our Pacific Island vacations, whether by small ship or lodge, offer snorkeling. The best snorkeling in the Pacific Islands depends on what you want to experience. Consider a Tahiti vacation to explore the Tuamotu Archipelago’s Fakarava—one of the largest atolls in French Polynesia and part of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Search for dolphins, whales and other sea life in the Humpback National Marine Sanctuary off of Maui. On an Easter Island vacation, learn why the waters of Rapa Nui are famous for their clarity. Or swim alongside colossal-yet-harmless whale sharks in Indonesia. Our insightful Adventure Specialists can help you narrow down the options, and our snorkeling tips will help you experience the best of snorkeling the Pacific Islands.

Unique South Pacific Vacations

Our South Pacific vacations offer something different: our style. Immerse in your surroundings. Discover in small groups, away from tourist crowds on a Tahiti vacation or Easter Island vacation. Learn from expert naturalist guides and descendants of longstanding French Polynesian cultures. Explore radiant coral reef by fins and paddles, and lush volcanic peaks by foot. Finish each day with an artistic and thoughtful meal, made with only the finest quality ingredients and authentic flavors.

Thatch-roof huts line a lush green hillside on a sunny day during a South Pacific vacation.

Our Pacific Island vacations seek out azure seas, moai statues, unique communities & lesser-known gems.


Pacific Island Vacations

Temperature & Rainfall

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Avg. High (F) 81 81 81 77 73 72 70 70 72 72 75 77
Avg. Low (F) 68 68 68 66 64 61 61 59 61 61 63 64
Avg. Rainfall (Inches) 3.5 3.1 3.1 4.3 4.7 3.9 3.5 3.1 3.1 2.8 3.1 3.5

Year-Round Pacific Islands Vacations

Our Pacific Island trips include year-round Easter Island vacations by land, or small ship cruises that sail the North Pacific, South Pacific and Indian Ocean during the Northern Hemisphere’s cooler months, October through May. All of our Pacific Island vacations invite you to enjoy a white-sand beach, lush climate and plenty of sun. Note that the climate data referenced above is for Rapa Nui (Easter Island), Chile, in the South Pacific Ocean.

When Is The Best Time To Take A Pacific Island Vacation?