Asia / Pacific Indonesia Cruise

Raja Ampat & Spice Islands

On this Indonesian trip to the center of the Coral Triangle experience a world seen by very few. This 14-day voyage aboard 120-guest Coral Adventurer begins in Darwin, Australia, and spends 4 days in the nature lover’s paradise of Raja Ampat, with additional time exploring the historic Spice Islands and culturally-rich West Papua.

Raja Ampat harbors more than 75% of the world’s coral and fish species, offering a dynamically bright reef system for quite possibly the best snorkeling in the world, making it mandatory to get in the water or aboard the glass-bottom boat as many days as possible on this itinerary, to witness the natural wonders of the area. This itinerary includes snorkeling through Tomorol Cave, hiking up to see breathtaking views of karst islands and searching for birds-of-paradise.

SCUBA dive (additional cost) with highly qualified, experienced and popular dive instructors who provide an outstanding service to all guests. Dive instructors patiently guide those who have never dived before through a resort dive program and expertly guide certified open-water divers to quality dive sites. A comprehensive range of dive equipment, including wetsuits, is provided.

The Spice Islands also offer incredible snorkeling, but the highlight is certainly the islands’ unique history. With the entire world’s supply of nutmeg and mace between the 12th and 15th centuries, the Spice Islands have drawn explorers from all corners of the world, infusing this area with colonial sights and artifacts traded from faraway cultures. This itinerary offers a tour through a nutmeg plantation, a village tour highlighting remnants of Dutch colonization and experiences of local flair through traditional dances.

The last few days of this Coral Triangle cruise is spent searching for whale sharks in Cenderawasih Bay, West Papua, and exploring traditional villages to learn about the unique way of life and interesting customs of the local people.

This Indonesia cruise departs from Darwin, Australia, and finishes with a chartered flight back to Darwin from Biak, West Papua. This itinerary also operates in reverse, embarking in Biak following a charter flight from Darwin. An alternative 16-day West Papua. Raja Ampat & Micronesia itinerary travels farther north to explore Micronesia, including Palau and Yap, before disembarking in Guam.

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