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Experience Canada as few do, in a remote setting with a small group. Go by small ship, or a stay at a wilderness lodge in Canada. Our adventure trips in Canada combine spectacular scenery, impressive wildlife and intriguing cultures, spanning from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Choose an East coast trip in Canada for the picturesque and history-rich coastal Maritimes, or Arctic tundra where polar bears roam. Choose a West coast Canada trip for British Columbia’s vibrant fjords, dense coastal forests and the chance to spot a spirit bear. Or follow the path of explorers on Canada coast to coast tours along the fabled northern coast’s Northwest Passage. Our unique small group tours in Canada will keep your eyes wide with excitement. Choose from a variety of Canada adventure travel options with the help of our expert team. Discover your perfect Canada adventure tour, by land or sea.

Canada Adventure Travel

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As the world’s second largest country, Canada offers a variety of landscapes to explore. To the west, British Columbia features whale-rich waters, lush rainforest, dramatic mountains and a rugged coastline. To the east, the Canadian Maritime provinces shine with golden shorelines, seafaring communities and legendary islands steeped in the culture of French settlers, First Nations and Vikings. And to the north, icy Arctic shores provide endless habitat for enigmatic wildlife like Arctic fox, beluga whales and polar bears, as well as a few hardy human residents. Access 24 hours of daylight or opportunities to witness the brilliant northern lights while exploring mostly roadless locales on adventure trips in Canada.

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Adventure Trips in Canada
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Canada small group tours with AdventureSmith surround you in wilderness and provide plenty of opportunities for active adventure. Whether it’s a northern, western or eastern Canada adventure, by small ship or wilderness lodge, let our experts pair you with the ideal vacation.
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Select your sustainably sized ship or wilderness lodge in Canada, from various options.

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Hike, kayak, stand-up paddleboard, ATV, e-bike, fish, river raft & seek out wild nature.

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Seek polar bears, spirit bears & more from remote locations on Canada wildlife tours.

A solitary polar bear walks amid dry grass and blue water on the shore of Hudson Bay in Churchill, Canada.

Canada Wildlife Tours:
Polar Bears, Spirit Bears,
Beluga & Orca Whales

From whale migrations in British Columbia and Nunavut to spirit bear photography tours and close-to-home polar bear vacations in Manitoba, Canada offers something for every naturalist-minded traveler. Our Canada wildlife tours come with expert guides who know the migration and seasonal patterns of each species and share their wealth of knowledge with you. Learn more about our two iconic Canada-based polar bear tours: Tundra Lodge Adventure and Classic Polar Bear Adventure. These trips are set in Churchill on the shore of Hudson Bay amid the world’s largest concentration of polar bears. Or opt for something more off the grid with Arctic Watch—an eastern Canada adventure famed for its opportunity to kayak amid beluga whales. Or seek the nat geo spirit bear on this trip for great bear rainforest travel.

Canada Vacation Packages

Canada vacation packages in 2024 are in high demand. Our small group tours in Canada have limited space per their unique size and remote locations. Our experts are adept at finding space on east coast Canada tours, west coast Canada trips and Canada coast to coast tours. Contact us to check availability for Canada vacation packages in 2024.

Shoreline Exploration by Land & Sea

Our unique small group tours in Canada all focus on exploring remote shorelines but let you choose where you want to stay: at a small wilderness lodge in Canada or aboard a small expedition ship. Ultimately, our team can be your best guide, so don’t hesitate to contact us; our one-on-one customer service can matchmake you with the best small, sustainable Canada vacation for your needs. Start by viewing your Canada adventure tour options:

What to Expect on Your
Polar Bear Trip in Canada

A trip to see polar bears in Canada offers easy access to up-close encounters with these majestic creatures. Choose to either sleep in a cozy hotel in town, or sleep out over the tundra within a secure, mobile hotel that positions where the bears are. Each day and on a select evening, explore the tundra in a comfortable polar rover vehicle equipped with knowledgeable guides, seats and a viewing platform, nourishing food and a convenient restroom. Want more details on polar bear vacations in Canada? Our experts describe their experience on a polar bear trip in Canada, to give you firsthand insight.

“Our unique small group tours in Canada focus on exploring remote shorelines.”


Canada Adventure Travel

Temperature & Rainfall

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Avg. High (F) 42 46 50 55 61 67 71 71 65 56 48 43
Avg. Low (F) 32 35 37 41 46 51 55 55 50 44 37 33
Avg. Rainfall (Inches) 6.1 5.1 4.5 3.1 2.5 1.9 1.5 1.6 2.6 4.7 7.0 7.3

Timing Canada Wildlife Tours

Adventure vacations in Canada operate primarily in the northern hemisphere’s spring, summer and fall. Plan your trip to see polar bears in Canada for peak wildlife migrations in October or November. For a Canada adventure tour in the High Arctic, the summer months are the only option, for milder weather. And for great bear rainforest tourism, or if you are seeking a coastal cruise, spring and fall offer the most availability since the ships position to/from Alaska and the Arctic regions.

Note that the climate data referenced above is for Vancouver and therefore representative of a west coast Canada trip. Temperatures for an eastern Canada adventure, around Newfoundland, are cooler but have less average rainfall.

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