Polar Regions Arctic Cruise

Jewels of the Arctic

Discover the jewels of the Arctic aboard cutting-edge, small expedition ships. Among Svalbard, Greenland and Iceland, there is something for every traveler to discover. Add-ons like kayaking, rock climbing and scuba diving make the journey even more rewarding for the adventurous.

Aboard 132-guest Greg Mortimer or Sylvia Earle, discover Svalbard’s northwest coast and the east coast of Greenland before concluding your voyage in Iceland. Zodiac-cruise among spectacular icebergs, spotting seabirds and keeping watch for walrus and polar bears on the ice. Visit the world’s largest national park in northeast Greenland, and the world’s largest fjord system, Scoresbysund.

Stop into Ittoqqortoormiit, one of the most remote settlements on Earth, and perhaps take kayaking or rock climbing (additional cost). This expedition ticks many boxes: hikes through the arctic tundra; a chance to spot wildlife including musk ox, seals, whales and the elusive arctic fox; and the opportunity to visit fascinating Palaeolithic sites.

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