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We specialize in private small group travel, catering to groups of four or more guests in all of our exciting destinations. Learn how to arrange your private small group adventure with our expert assistance.
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Traveling with four or more? Talk to us. Small group travel offers a level of privacy and intimacy not available on regularly scheduled tours, plus small groups can qualify for special discounts.

Benefits of Small Group Travel

Private small group trips have many advantages over regularly scheduled land tours and small ship cruises. A private small group offers your group exclusivity, flexibility and savings.

  • Group savings up to 50% off.
  • Access to group leader discounts or free passage.
  • Exclusive and intimate travel with private guides.
  • Personalized service from our expert crew. 

What Is a Small Group?

Depending on the nature of your trip and your destination, a small group can range from 4 to 100 guests. Small group land trips are exclusive with a private guide for your group only. Small group cruises might include a full-boat charter or a small group aboard a ship with other guests on board. Our experts will help you plan your itinerary and present it to your group. 

  • Couples traveling together.
  • Weddings, birthday and anniversary celebrations.
  • Family reunions or families traveling together.
  • Corporate retreats, meetings or as a company incentive.
  • Affinity travel (gay, lesbian, Christian, religious, photography or other special interest groups).
  • Groups of travelers with special needs.
  • School groups, university alumni associations and extended study programs.
  • Zoo, aquarium and museum groups.
  • Conservation organizations or other nonprofits.
  • Travel clubs or other clubs interested in travel.
  • Travel agents or group leaders can earn free berths by organizing charter cruises for their clients and friends.

Small Groups Aboard Small Ship Cruises

If your group is not large enough for a full-ship charter cruise, no problem. Many small ships offer discounts and incentives for groups of 10 or more guests. Groups can often arrange custom transfers, cocktail receptions, private conferences and other group services. 

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