AdventureSmith Conservation

Part of our mission is to give something back to the individuals, communities and environments encountered on every AdventureSmith Explorations trip. With AdventureSmith, your travel will have a positive and direct impact on the destinations and communities you explore. It’s at the heart of how we select a great trip.

Small, Sustainable Cruises & Lodges

We achieve our giving-back goal foremost by booking travelers on small ship cruises, expedition cruises and wilderness adventures that offer opportunities to have a meaningful connection with each place and its people. Quite simply, if you connect with and care for a place, you will be more willing to advocate for its protection.

We favor small ships, yachts and lodges that are rooted in a region’s environment, who hire local people and purchase local goods, contributing to local economies while also maintaining strict leave no trace and sustainable operating practices. Among our many partners worldwide, find cruise operators that offset their carbon emissions, lodges co-owned by the villages they are built in and certified B Corp operators. 


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Connecting Our Travelers with Conservation

Another way we achieve our conservation goals is through connecting our travelers with a network of grassroots and global nonprofit partners worldwide. AdventureSmith Explorations is proud to work with a number of conservation partners in each of the regions we operate. We hope that by introducing our clients to regional conservation partners and their projects, we will enhance travelers’ experiences while making a positive impact on the destination.

View a full list of our conservation partnerships. If you are booked on an AdventureSmith trip, it’s as simple as opting-in for the optional conservation donation on your trip’s invoice.

Sustainability – An AdventureSmith Founding Principle

AdventureSmith’s founder, Todd Smith, started AdventureSmith Explorations with the goal to marry his passions for adventure cruising and sustainable tourism. He had managed a prominent ecotourism operator (started by a founder of the International Ecotourism Society), but noticed sustainability wasn’t crossing over into the cruise market.

So he launched the cruise industry’s first carbon-free cruising initiative in 2005, garnering AdventureSmith a World Savers Award from Condé Nast Traveler in 2007 and applause from Sunset magazine for “Leading the Charge” in 2018. Today, Todd is proud to see that carbon-offsetting is now an integral part of most small ship cruise operations around the globe. But even better: that reducing carbon consumption is now a consideration at the core of small ship operations and new ship builds.

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