In 2005, AdventureSmith Explorations launched the cruise industry’s first carbon-free cruising initiative. How does it work? When you purchase an adventure cruise with AdventureSmith Explorations, we have paid to neutralize the impact of harmful greenhouse gasses that were emitted as a result of your cruise. We’ve compiled this FAQ to explain our program a bit more:

What Is Carbon-Free Cruising?

The nature of modern travel inherently emits harmful carbon emissions through the burning of fossil fuels. Planes, ships, cars and lodges are all sources of additional carbon in our atmosphere and contribute to global warming. Each year AdventureSmith Explorations calculates the amount of carbon emitted by our small ship cruise passengers each year and pays to offset it. Through our Carbon-Free Cruising campaign we have completely neutralized our cruise emissions and in turn hope to educate our travelers about how to fight global warming by reducing their own carbon footprint.

Does It Cost Anything?

No. Our Carbon-Free Cruising program will not increase the price of your cruise in any way. However, after learning more about carbon emissions, many travelers make an additional contribution to offset the emissions resulting from their airline flights and other transportation.

Why is AdventureSmith Taking Steps to Carbon Offset?

Most people are astonished to learn that over 30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide are related to travel. As a longtime naturalist and guide, especially in Alaska, AdventureSmith founder Todd Smith has witnessed firsthand the effects that global warming and climate change are having on our planet. Glaciers are retreating, permafrost is melting, forests fires are more intense and entire ecosystems are affected. Regions such as Alaska, Antarctica and the Amazon rainforest are the first to feel the ecological implications of global climate change, though it affects us all. This effort was one of the first things Todd established upon founding AdventureSmith Explorations.

Who are the Offset Partners?

We work in conjunction with Sustainable Travel International and MyClimate™ to neutralize cruise-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that contribute to global warming. MyClimate™ is dedicated to fighting global warming through the support of alternative energy projects around the world.

How Are Emissions Offset?

Both the contribution from AdventureSmith Explorations and your MyClimate™ Ticket are invested in climate-friendly projects around the world. The money goes to a local community or businesses in a developing country to help fund more environmentally friendly development options. Projects include methane collection and electricity generation in South Africa, solar collectors instead of diesel boilers in Costa Rica and weatherizing low income housing in the United States. Offsets are Kyoto Protocol-compliant projects and projects certified by The Gold Standard. To learn more about specific MyClimate™ projects please visit

What Else Can I Do?

Travelers appreciate the added benefit of Carbon-Free Cruising when booking with AdventureSmith Explorations; however, air travel is still a significant contributor. Every passenger’s portion of an international flight emits nearly a ton, on average, of greenhouse gasses. This means that a round-trip flight can emit more carbon than your automobile does in a year! We invite you to make your entire journey “carbon free” with the purchase of an additional offset ticket (typically only $10-$50).

We are proud to be reducing greenhouse gasses through our Carbon-Free Cruising conservation campaign and hope to influence the entire cruising industry, as well as how you explore the world. Let your travel make a difference.