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Book your dream Antarctica cruise with award-winning US-based experts. We’ve helped thousands of clients with cruises to Antarctica & we’ll help you find the right ship at the best price. One call is worth hours of internet scrolling.
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48 Cruises
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Antarctica cruises are designed to immerse you in the pristine beauty and raw power of this frozen continent. Unlike the generic Antarctica cruise experiences, our small ship expeditions prioritize personalized attention, expert-led exploration, and intimate encounters with the region’s awe-inspiring wildlife.

We have the perfect Antarctica cruise for you. Ditch the ordinary and choose an expedition that will leave you breathless with wonder. Contact us today to plan your life-changing Antarctica expedition.

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Antarctica Cruises with AdventureSmith

Cruising Antarctica with AdventureSmith is the ultimate way to explore up close and in style. Since 2003, thousands of travelers have trusted our small ship cruise and expedition cruise specialists to help them research, choose, book and plan the right Antarctica small ship cruise at the best price.

You will benefit from our firsthand knowledge. Our professional crew will help you with everything you need for a seamless cruise package.

Your travel investment is protected by an award-winning USA licensed, insured and accredited travel company. Why book Antarctica with AdventureSmith Explorations?

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Work one-on-one with a full-service Adventure Specialist to research, book & prepare for cruising Antarctica.

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We’re well traveled & savvy to the latest options, including all the new Antarctic itineraries and ships.

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Kayaking, camping, skiing… Our staff has experience doing it all & can match your activity interests.

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Take advantage of early-booking specials, last-minute deals & other cruise perks. We’re here to help you save.

A whale fluke is seen in the foreground with a small Antarctica cruise ship seen in the water behind it near an icy glacier shoreline

Antarctica Small Ship Cruises
Our Specialty

When choosing an Antarctica vessel, know this: small ships explore where the big ships cannot. Landings are limited to 100 guests on shore. Ships carrying more than 500 guests aren’t allowed to land at all. Smaller is better on Antarctic cruises. Learn how to choose the best cruise and find in depth articles with our detailed Antarctica cruising guide.

The ships we work with carry 72-200 guests ensuring active and intimate explorations. We specialize in this size range because we know from experience it’s the most active, informative and sustainable way to cruise Antarctica. Learn more about the unique ships on our Antarctica expeditions. We’ll find your perfect Antarctica ship.

Antarctica Expeditions
for Every Interest

An expedition is defined as a journey or voyage undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose. This perfectly captures the spirit of Antarctica small ship expeditions, which focus on daily off-vessel explorations with expert naturalist guides.

Travelers seeking more adventure can book a range of activities including sea kayaking, camping, skiing, snowshoeing, scuba diving or trekking. Learn more about the active things to do in Antarctica. Book early; off-vessel expeditions sell out fast.

Other specialties include luxury Antarctica cruises, Falkland & South Georgia Island cruises and Antarctica fly cruises. Our experts are your guide to the perfect voyage.

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Timely Antarctic Cruise Info

Find up-to-date information on the current, upcoming or future Antarctica seasons. Read about Antarctica 2024 for the latest updates, check availability or plan ahead to Antarctica 2025-2026. We have the most up-to-date Antarctica travel requirements to inform your planning.

New for 2025 are epic Antarctica expeditions to remote regions such as the Ross Sea, East Antarctica and Subantarctic Islands. Book now to get aboard the 34-Day Epic Antarctic Odyssey, the 25-Day Ross Sea Odyssey or 24-Day East Antarctica cruise aboard the brand new Douglas Mawson ship.

Smaller is better on Antarctic cruises.

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