Polar Regions Antarctica Cruise

Spirit of Antarctica Expedition

Embrace the spirit of polar exploration on this classic 12- to 15-day expedition to the coveted White Continent. Sail across the famed Drake Passage, admiring spectacular seabirds and approaching the ice as the explorers of old did: by sea. With a chance to Zodiac-cruise through pack ice, set foot on the continent, choose from a range of adventure options and even perhaps camp under pastel polar skies, this is the quintessential Antarctic voyage for adventure lovers.

Highlights include honing your ice and wildlife photography skills, searching for orcas and minke whales in icy bays, observing busy penguin colonies building their nests and perhaps catching a glimpse of penguin chicks as they hatch. Plus, join the exclusive polar plunge club by diving into the beautiful Antarctic waters. Select alternative departures include time sailing among Chilean fjords and the Strait of Magellan, time experiencing the Weddell Sea, or more time to explore the Peninsula.

An inexpensive camping program and added-cost adventure activities set this Spirit of Antarctica expedition apart. Depending on the departure, take advantage of programs for sea kayaking and snowshoeing. Experience the Antarctic Peninsula in a unique way, by ski and snowboard touring on backcountry equipment. From alpine bowls and crevassed glaciers to long open slopes, take on some of the world’s most incredible descents. Experienced participants make day trips with top notch ski guides. Travelers interested in what lies beneath the waves can participate in polar snorkeling to experience the underwater world without leaving the water’s surface.

Adventure-ready polar expedition ships Greg Mortimer and Sylvia Earle offer state-of-the-art design and technology, plus excursion-minded preparation rooms and multiple boarding platforms for efficient embarkation and disembarkation. These small ships each average 132 guests, with an educational and engaged team of expedition guides providing programming aimed at immersion into the surrounding polar wilds.

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