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AdventureSmith Explorations is the original small ship cruise specialist. This comprehensive small ship cruise guide, written by our experts with decades of combined experience, offers articles with the best advice on all aspects of small ship cruising. Browse our cruise articles below to learn about small ship cruising, get inspired and find your perfect cruise. Use the filters on the left below to sort articles by destination or topic. We update this page regularly so you can stay on the cutting edge of adventure cruising. 

In this guide you will find a plethora of articles, from very broad to quite specific, to help you learn more about small ship cruising. Find detailed advice on general topics such as snorkeling tips for cruises, how to prevent & treat seasickness on cruises, and insight into the differences between small ships and big ships.  

Our small ship cruise guide also offers in-depth articles about specific destinations such as things to do in Antarctica, the best time to visit Baja, whale watching in Alaska, the best Alaska cruises for families and Galapagos travel tips from our experts. You will not find more detailed tips and advice, or a more comprehensive small ship cruise guide, anywhere. Use this small ship cruise guide as your starting point to research this unique style of travel or dive deep into a destination.

How to Choose Your Small Ship Cruise, by Destination 

Among our most popular articles are destination-based guides with detailed advice on how to choose your small ship cruise. These small ship cruise guides offer detailed information specific to each expedition cruising destination. Find details on when to go, how long to travel, types of cruises, advice on choosing the best ship or yacht, information on how to seamlessly plan pre- and post-cruise arrangements, advice on naturalist guides, family cruises, charter cruise options, traveler cruise reviews and more. These are the best small ship cruise guides for destinations worldwide.   

Personalized Advice  

Need more advice? Contact our experienced small ship cruise experts for honest, unbiased advice and firsthand knowledge. The articles in this guide were written by our crew and they can help you personally. We cruise aboard small ships regularly to bring you the most up-to-date information.  

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Help us improve this guide with your feedback. Do you have a burning question about small ship cruises or cruising in a particular destination? Feel free to use the comment fields at the bottom of each article to provide your feedback or ask a question. Or contact us to suggest a topic and your idea could lead to our next small ship cruise guide article.  

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Ready to get aboard? AdventureSmith Explorations offers small ship cruises worldwide, aboard ships carrying 8 to 250 guests. Start exploring our most popular destinations or head to “Find a Cruise” via our Trip Finder. Our Adventure Specialists are always just a call or email away to be your ultimate cruise guide to selecting and booking your route. Our team is known for our personalized service, unbiased knowledge and personal experience on small ship cruises. Come explore with us! 

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