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Antarctica cruise reviews reflect firsthand travel experiences from AdventureSmith travelers and professional Adventure Specialists. Learn what a cruise to Antarctica is really like with these personal stories, expert insights and unfiltered opinions.

Antarctica Cruise Review Testimonials

Our Antarctica cruise reviews also include testimonials rating important elements of the cruise including the ship, cabins, meals, guides and experiences. Our travelers and staff have traveled extensively on Antarctica cruise and Falkland Islands and South Georgia cruise itineraries, and share their experiences in detailed trip reviews. Find your perfect cruise with our expertise and Antarctica tour reviews. View all of our small ship cruise reviews or view our Antarctica cruise deals.

Antarctica Ship Reviews

Our experts and travelers have cruised aboard every Antarctica ship listed on our site. Look for our “expert aboard” ship reviews for added insights and firsthand knowledge of ships. These ship reviews will help you find the best cabin or location aboard the ship, the most knowledgeable expedition leaders, the most interesting off vessel activities, and the most delicious food.  

Antarctica Cruise Reviews Online

You can find countless Antarctica trip reviews and review websites online. Most offer trusted advice, but some should be considered with a grain of salt. You should not rush to judgement if you read a poor review about an Antarctic expedition or ship. We have learned that poor Antarctica reviews are frequently the result of a discrepancy between the interests of the traveler and the style cruise they were on. For instance, if a traveler is expecting luxury but ends up in a cabin with only porthole windows, they will be disappointed. The best type of Antarctica expedition cruise review is a personal referral. Request that your booking agent connect you with a past client who has cruised Antarctica on a comparable trip or ship. Trustworthy agencies will happily refer their previous guests, helping you choose the best Antarctica cruise for your ability, interests and budget.    

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Top-Rated Antarctica Cruises

If our Antarctica holiday reviews have informed and inspired you, begin your trip planning here. The cruises listed below are consistently top rated by our travelers and experts. Explore these cruises then contact our experts to be your guide to selecting and booking your cruise. Our award-winning team is known for its extensive knowledge of Antarctica ships and routes, personalize service and unbiased suggestions to help you select the perfect cruise. Come explore with us!

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