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Northern Europe tours with AdventureSmith Explorations focus on nature, culture, history and wildlife. Utilizing sailboats, riverboats and expedition ships to voyage away from tourist crowds, explore up close and in style on your next Northern Europe trip. Our diverse selection of Northern Europe trips offers a way to see Northern Europe in an unusual, yet ideal way while touring in style and comfort.

Our Northern Europe travel includes a range of itineraries with a variety of focal points. Experience the sweeping green hills and historical sites of Scotland; the iconic gardens and coastlines of England and Ireland; the geothermal activity of Iceland’s glaciers, waterfalls and hot springs; the unspoiled landscape of the Faroe Islands; and the magnificent fjords of Norway and icescapes of Svalbard.

Northern European Tours

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Northern Europe’s unique attraction for travelers comes from ancient historical places and unique cultural components, paired with spectacular fairytale landscapes and picturesque towns. Northern European tours based from small ships bid to satisfy this desire to reach these far-off places to experience the tartans of Scotland, the healing hot springs of Iceland and the heartwarming charm of Norway’s colorful towns. Tour by day and sail by night to explore Northern Europe in a whole new way.

Northern Europe is an unrivaled place filled with dramatic landscapes, timeless towns and intriguing historical places and cultural interactions. Visitors venturing out on a Northern Europe tour are rewarded with intimate nature-based experiences and intriguing cultural interactions that are not experienced on the well-trodden paths by the average traveler. We are Northern Europe travel experts and we will help you find the right tour at the best price.

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Northern Europe travel with AdventureSmith is a kaleidoscope of options. Explore canals and locks from Northern Europe tour destinations like London, Dublin and Scotland’s Inverness. Tuck into Norway’s stunning fjords and the colorful seaside cities of the North Sea. Discover Iceland’s dramatic waterfalls, geysers, hot springs, glaciers and lava fields. You can even visit the Arctic during your Northern Europe tour. Why book your Northern Europe travel with AdventureSmith?

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Our selection of Northern Europe travel options include the British Isles, Iceland, Scandinavia, Norway & the Arctic.

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Barge Tours in Europe

Barge tours in Europe are a popular option for Northern Europe travel. Our elegant floating hotels bring groups of 8-12 guests through calm canals to visit sites of cultural and historical interest, and interact with local ambassadors. Enjoy special attention paid to food and drinks during your Northern Europe trip, with a master chef and ever-present tour guide.

Our Northern Europe tour experts have experienced this style of travel firsthand and can explain the ins and outs of barge tours in Europe. Contact us to learn more about this intimate style of Northern Europe travel.

Your Europe Private Tour Package

While all of our Northern Europe tours can be made private, the best Europe private tour package is the one that matches your interests, budget, timeline and group size. Are your visiting Northern Europe for family travel? Do you prefer expedition travel or is a river trip more your speed? Is there a theme for your Northern Europe trip? Are your sights set on one country or a few? Read more about group travel and then contact our experts to help you research, confirm and prepare for your optimal Europe private tour package.

“Northern Europe travel is a kaleidoscope: canals and locks, fjords, seaside cities, waterfalls and hot springs.”


Northern Europe Tours

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Avg. Low (F) 43 35 37 39 44 49 53 52 48 44 39 36
Avg. Rainfall (Inches) 2 1.6 1.5 1.5 1.8 1.9 2.6 2.8 2.3 2.6 2.4 2.1

Year-Round Northern Europe Tours

Northern Europe tours operate throughout the year, with most operating May through September. The long, warmer days are ideal for exploring castles, highlands, lava fields, glaciers, fjords and more. Some Northern Europe tours even reach the Arctic; their fall and winter departures may reveal the northern lights. Note that the climate data referenced above is for Inverness, Scotland.

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