South America Galapagos Islands Cruise

National Geographic Wild Galapagos Escape Cruise

The perfect blend of activity and education, Wild Galapagos Escape cruises aboard the 48-passenger National Geographic Islander II feature renowned experts from National Geographic in addition to well-trained expedition leaders and naturalist staff. This 8-day cruise is ideal for the traveler seeking an unrivaled intellectual experience. 

From the first steps on a Galapagos island it’s clear that freedom and fearlessness are a way of life. Whether strolling the islands’ pristine beaches, searching for the spectacular waved albatross, having a chat with a particularly friendly sea lion or snorkeling with Galapagos penguins, a glorious feeling of freedom abounds. And, thanks to the legacy of Jacques Cousteau, that feeling is kept alive via a fleet of nimble Zodiacs that can nose into landfalls and cruise along reefs, affording intimate views of the action. Meanwhile, expert National Geographic naturalists are always there to point out particularly unusual wildlife behaviors and characteristics so that guests may observe, inquire and react as it unfolds. The naturalists’ specialized knowledge and interests—marine biology, zoology, botany and geology—will transform this experience into a biology classroom in real-time. Here in Darwin’s natural laboratory, the animal world is your oyster.

Our Galapagos luxury cruises aboard the National Geographic Islander II feature nimble Zodiacs and kayaks that cruise to the volcanic shores and pristine beaches of Galapagos, and an undersea program that utilizes underwater video, glass-bottom boat and hydrophone to bring seldom seen or heard worlds to life. Every expedition in the Galápagos is led by a team of naturalists, a videographer and expedition leader, providing a multitude of resources for a rich and unmatched understanding of all the sights and sounds. Plus, each ship’s unique exploration-based family program, National Geographic Global Explorers, caters to kids and teens, making each an excellent option for Galapagos family cruises

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