South America Galapagos Islands Cruise

National Geographic Exploring Galapagos: One Week Sailing the Islands

The 96-passenger National Geographic Endeavour II and 48-guest National Geographic Gemini are some of the best first-class expedition vessels in the Galapagos Islands, providing renowned expedition leaders and naturalist staff from National Geographic. Enjoy snorkeling, hiking, a glass-bottom boat and more on the 8-day cruise portion of this 10-day Galapagos tour package tailored for travelers seeking an active yet highly intellectual experience of the archipelago.

Located 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, the Galápagos Islands provide a natural habitat for some of the world’s most interesting and unusual animals. Only in Galápagos will you come face to face with wildlife that has never developed a fear of people. 

With an expedition to the Land of Darwin, visit a new island each day, all with the diverse iconic wildlife one thinks about when dreaming of this unique destination. Look forward to opportunities such as observing blue-footed boobies performing a courtship dance, snorkeling with playful sea lions, watching a male frigatebird ballooning his crimson chest pouch to attract a female, kneeling beside marine iguanas and marveling at Galápagos penguins. 

A Galapagos cruise aboard the National Geographic Gemini or Endeavour II features nimble Zodiacs and kayaks that cruise to the volcanic shores and pristine beaches of Galápagos, and an undersea program utilizes underwater video, glass-bottom boat and hydrophone that bring seldom seen or heard worlds to life. Every expedition in Galápagos is led by a team of five naturalists, including an Underwater Specialist, a videographer and expedition leader, providing a multitude of resources for a rich and unmatched understanding of all that you’ll see. Plus, her unique exploration-based family program, National Geographic Global Explorers, caters to kids and teens, making her an excellent option for Galapagos family cruises.

Optional rendezvous scuba diving is available on select (San Cristobal to Baltra) departures aboard Endeavour II, at added cost. Learn more about Galapagos diving.

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