Polar Regions Northern Europe Cruise

Coastal Wonders of Norway, the Faroe Islands & Iceland

Follow the Viking trail on this expedition cruise from Norway to the far-flung islands and archipelagos of the North Atlantic, ending in Reykjavik, Iceland. Cruise the famed Norwegian fjords and the magical Lofoten islands, explore Stone Age sites in Scotland’s Shetland Islands and come face-to-face with the legacy of the Vikings amid the turf-roofed cottages and ancient sites of the Faroe Islands. Then trace Iceland’s most remote shorelines, witnessing geological wonders from volcanoes to thundering waterfalls.

Embark in Tromso, Norway (by way of a charter flight from Oslo) and disembark in Reykjavik, Iceland. Get out and hike, kayak and Zodiac cruise in three distinct Arctic regions. Discover welcoming, intriguing contemporary cultures and ancient sites. Observe nesting seabirds amid the towering peaks of the Lofoten islands. Encounter the Bronze Age ruins and Viking longhouses of Jarlshof, a prehistoric settlement in the Shetlands. Discover the unique culture of the Faroe Islands, where residents cling proudly to their Viking heritage. And sail past the dramatic sea cliffs of the Faroes to see cliff-nesting puffins, gannets, and northern fulmars.

Passage is aboard the 126-guest National Geographic Endurance which offers active exploration via hiking, walking, kayaking and Zodiac riding amidst stunning scenery. Options abound to make each expedition as active as you choose, and each day join a different naturalist for more viewpoints. Explore under the sure guidance of expedition leaders, an assistant expedition leader, veteran naturalists, a National Geographic photographer, a Global Perspectives guest speaker, an undersea specialist, a wellness specialist and a video chronicler. Their collective knowledge and passion ensures an extraordinary experience, plus top shots with the help of the onboard Lindblad-National Geographic certified photo instructor.

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