Polar Regions Arctic Cruise

Gateway to the Northwest Passage: Greenland & Canada

Explore above 80° north on a soul-stirring journey. Set off on a grand polar adventure that traces the spectacular icy shores of Western Greenland and Arctic Canada. Sail into dramatic fjords, narrow straits and breathtaking bays, and call in on remote villages where Inuit communities have lived off the land for hundreds of years. Heading ever northward, follow leads through the ice to search for the King of the Arctic, the polar bear, along with other iconic wildlife from whales to walrus. Finally, in the farthest reaches of the region, discover the untamed beauty of the storied Northwest Passage and experience the intoxicating thrill of true exploration.

There are numerous high points along this northernmost Baffin Bay itinerary. Travel well above 80º north and learn dramatic stories of the explorers and adventurers who sought this magnificent, icy frontier. Glide between soaring icebergs at the mouth of Greenland’s Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Explore Ellesmere Island with binoculars at the ready to spot polar bears, walruses, ringed seals, belugas, bowhead whales and the elusive narwhal. Visit the “Jewel of the North,” Pond Inlet, a small Inuit community known for its friendly community and world-renowned soapstone carvings. And marvel at the unique volcanic black-sand beaches, hot springs and waterfalls of Disko Island, a Greenlandic island often compared to Iceland.

Passage is aboard the 126-guest National Geographic Endurance, which offers active exploration via hiking, walking, kayaking and Zodiac riding amidst stunning scenery. Options abound to make each expedition as active as you choose, and each day join a different naturalist for more viewpoints. Explore under the sure guidance of expedition leaders, an assistant expedition leader, veteran naturalists, a National Geographic photographer, a Global Perspectives guest speaker, an undersea specialist, a wellness specialist and a video chronicler. Their collective knowledge and passion ensures an extraordinary experience, plus top shots with the help of the onboard Lindblad-National Geographic certified photo instructor.

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