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Classic Scotland Barge Cruise

For a magical barge cruise, Scotland is hard to surpass. On the 7-day Classic Scotland Barge Cruise, coast sedately through the Great Glen between Inverness and Fort William, navigating beautiful lochs and the engineering masterpiece that is the Caledonian Canal. Ancient castles perched on the water’s edge, heather-clad hillsides and arguably the finest inland cruising in the world make for unforgettable experiences on a handpicked barge cruise. Scotland’s legends of the past, the taste of single malt and the mythical inhabitant of Loch Ness all contribute to a magical charm only experienced in the dramatic Highlands.

Travel the Great Glen along the Caledonian Canal, experiencing various lochs along the way, including the infamous Loch Ness. Try a hand at falconry during a stop at the spectacular Highlands Club. Tour castles and stately homes. Taste classic Scottish single malt whiskeys at a local distillery, and experience historic points of interest including the grounds of the Battle of Culloden. Each visit on this Scotland barge cruise, whether steps from the ship or a short drive away from the dock, will further expose the rich culture and heritage of the Scottish Highlands. Regular opportunities to walk and bike among the countryside also immerse active adventurers in this scenic part of Scotland.

Each departure of the Classic Scotland Barge Cruise operates round-trip from Inverness, Scotland, either cruising southwest to Fort Williams and returning via overland transfer back to Inverness, or in reverse starting with an overland transfer to Fort Williams and cruising northeast back to Inverness. Each departure’s direction is typically confirmed 6-8 weeks in advance.

The 8-passenger Scottish Highlander and 12-guest Spirit of Scotland are designed specifically for this intimate Scotland river cruise, with plenty of interior and exterior viewing space that invites the mysterious northern Scottish countryside into the hearts and memories of travelers. Aboard either of these Scottish country house barges, enjoy gourmet cuisine paired with fine wines, an attentive staff, a fully-stocked bar open 24 hours, and charming ambiance ready to welcome small groups.

Consider securing Scottish Highlander or Spirit of Scotland for private charter cruises in Scotland, with theme options including whiskey, golf, horse-riding, fishing and family cruises, or customize your own Scotland barge tour itinerary.

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