Hondius Expedition ship exterior at port.
Hondius and Janssonius Observation Lounge with tables, chairs, bench seating and large viewing windows.
Dining room with tables, chairs and large viewing windows.
Hondius and Janssonius polar small ships' lobby and gift shop.
Grand Suite aboard Hondius and Janssonius polar small ships, with teal and purple accents, couch, double bed & bookshelves.
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year built
crew members
350 feet
58 feet
17 feet
cruising speed
15 knots
ice class
Polar Class 6

Hondius, sister ship to Janssonius, is a 170-passenger expedition ship, built exclusively for polar cruises. The 350-foot vessel is the first to be built to ice class LR PC6, making her one of the strongest ice-strengthened vessels in the polar regions. Her name honors cartographer Henricus Hondius (Amsterdam 1597–1651) and his father Jodocus Hondius (Wakken, Belgium 1563–Amsterdam 1612).

Hondius Review

AdventureSmith Explorations’ Hondius review includes a detailed description of the small ship including deck plans and a photo gallery. Please read our review below then contact our polar cruise experts to compare the Hondius with other Antarctica ships and small cruise ships sailing Antarctica cruises and Arctic cruises including cruises to Greenland.

Choose the Hondius for a state-of-the-art new ship; pairing strength, high-tech stabilizers, the utmost in safety standards and two main engines with a combined 4,200kW of power that generate a speed of 15 knots. The vessel was built by Croatia shipbuilder Brodosplit. Hondius is a stunning addition to the current fleet of expedition ships operating in polar waters. This fast and flexible ship is designed to respond to fluctuating polar conditions and adapt quickly.

Like her predecessor ships Plancius  and Ortelius, Hondius is primarily defined by an exploratory educational travel program, with guests spending as much time ashore as possible. Uniquely the Hondius boasts special interactive workshops, captivating exhibitions and vibrant performances on board as well as on land. The Hondius is a true basecamp for active adventure and modern-minded explorers, with activities that include hiking trips, kayaking, overnight field camping and even scuba diving. 

Safety & Sustainability Aboard Hondius

Built to LR PC6, similar to the previous Finnish-Swedish ice-class notation “1A-Super,” Hondius meets the latest and highest demands of Lloyd’s Register for “Polar Class 6” vessels, the highest Polar Class notation for ice-strengthened vessels. She is also built according to the latest requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), in particular concerning the safety of the life at sea (SOLAS) and the prevention of pollution from ships (MARPOL) for passenger vessels. The protection of the environment is of major importance and efforts extend from construction to sailing. The propulsion system consists of two medium-speed main engines and one adjustable pitch propeller. The flexible power management (in combination with a shaft generator instead of operating a diesel-driven generator) permits the lowest possible fuel consumption and CO2 emission and therefore a minimum possible impact on the environment.

Further efforts to protect the environment include the use of biodegradable lubrication oils and hazardous-free coating and paint, avoiding the use of toxic/hazardous materials during the vessel’s construction. Also she employs steam for heating purposes on board while keeping electrical heating at a minimum, equips interior and exterior lighting with LED lights which reduces 60% of power compared with conventional lighting and reuses waste heat (such as cooling water for the main engines) for the production of fresh water. Additional existing requirements and restrictions, while at sea and in the polar regions, will be strictly followed.

Common Areas Aboard Hondius

The vessel offers a deluxe standard and at the same time a distinctive, cozy and informal atmosphere. An entire deck, Deck 5, on board is reserved for an observation lounge and a separate lecture room in order to offer simultaneous or multi-language lectures and presentations. A separate library creates opportunities to relax and learn while aboard. Between the large viewing windows and the multiple external viewing decks, viewing wildlife and epic landscapes is easily possible. An infirmary and gear room are available just a few steps from the Zodiac launching area. Smoking in designated areas only.

Refreshments from the fully provisioned bar and souvenirs will be charged to each cabin. Bills may be settled the day before departure with the Hotel Manager and paid by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or cash (euro or US dollar). The prices and standard currency on board Hondius is the euro. Other currencies may be accepted at the discretion of the Hotel Manager at prevailing rates.

Dining Aboard Hondius

In addition to satisfying the intellect and soul through her powerful experiences, the Hondius sets out to satisfy gastronomically. The Hondius serves nutritious and satisfying yet elegant cuisine, designed to surprise and delight each passenger after an exciting day exploring. Breakfast and lunch are buffet style while dinner is a three-course meal with meat, fish and vegetarian options. Coffee, tea and water are included, however alcohol and soft drinks are additional.

Crew & Guides Aboard Hondius

While cruising, 76 crew and staff members (including expedition and hotel staff) are at the passengers’ service. An international team of polar experts and field guides are assembled to share their enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge through lectures, briefings and field excursions. The science-minded professionals aboard cover major topics like marine biology, geography, geology, glaciology, ornithology and history. When it comes to excursions, the staff have all been trained and qualified in their respective activity. These scientists, lecturers and expedition guides work hard not just for safety but also to highlight all sorts of examples of the unique elements of these intriguing polar regions.

Activities Aboard Hondius

Hondius’s philosophy is to keep sea legs short and to focus on fast and effective access to shore and near-shore activities for all nature- and wildlife-minded passengers. Her interactive, experiential and informative activities are designed to engage while on and off the ship. A powerful fleet of Zodiacs guarantees quality outings and swift landing operation for all passengers at the same time. A speedy Zodiac embarkation is enhanced with two separate gangways and in addition, sheltered indoor platforms for easy Zodiac embarkation at water level. During passenger excursions the vessel will be at anchor but Hondius is also very capable to drift and/or to remain at the same position with the support of her bow and stern thrusters.

On board, the Hondius treats guests to colorful musical acts and performances, language courses and cooking and cocktail demonstrations, as well as interactive workshops that explore such topics as astronomy, navigation and botany.

Cabins & Deck Plan Aboard Hondius

Hondius offers accommodations for 170 passengers in 8 cabin categories all with stylish modern mid-century decor. Every one of the 81 cabins offers a private shower and toilet, flatscreen TV, desk and chair, telephone and WiFi access, coffee and tea maker, hair dryer, cabinet and safe. The electrical supply aboard the ship is 220v, 60Hz. Electrical outlets are standard European with two thick round pins. A 220v/110v converter may be needed.

Hondius and Janssonius Quadruple Porthole stateroom with 4 berths, ladders, seating, desk, dresser and 2 small portholes.
Quadruple Porthole

#301, 303, 305 & 307 on Deck 3: two upper & lower berths, approximately 129-194 square feet, two portholes, small sofa, wardrobe. This cabin is suitable for families traveling with children, or guests who do not require a twin or more luxurious cabin.

Hondius and Janssonius Triple Porthole stateroom with 3 berths, seating, desk and 2 small portholes.
Triple Porthole

#309 & 311 on Deck 3: one upper and two lower twin berths, two portholes, approximately 129-194 square feet, small sofa, wardrobe. This cabin is suitable for families traveling with children, or guests who do not require a twin or more luxurious cabin.

Hondius and Janssonius Twin Porthole with 2 berths, seating and 2 small portholes.
Twin Porthole

#302, 304, 306, 308, 310, 312-313, 315, 317, 319-333, 335 & 337 on Deck 3: two single beds, approximately 129-194 square feet, two portholes, small sofa, wardrobe.

Hondius and Janssonius Twin Window stateroom with 2 berths, seating and window.
Twin Window

#401-414 on Deck 4: two twin beds, approximately 129-151 square feet, one window (obstructed view in #401, 403, 405 & 407), small sofa, wardrobe.

Hondius and Janssonius Twin Deluxe stateroom with twin beds, nightstand, desk and 2 large windows.
Twin Deluxe

#609-619 on Deck 6: two single beds, approximately 205-226 square feet, two windows, sofa, wardrobe, refrigerator.

Hondius and Janssonius Superior Cabin with double bed, seating, 2 large windows, nightstand and night lights.
Superior Cabin

#601-608 on Deck 6: one double bed, approximately 215-226 square feet, two windows, sofa, wardrobe, refrigerator.

Junior Suite aboard Hondius and Janssonius polar small ships, with double bed, TV, large picture window and seating area.
Junior Suite

#707-714 on Deck 7: one double bed, approximately 205-215 square feet, one double window, wardrobe, refrigerator.

Grand Suite aboard Hondius and Janssonius polar small ships, with teal and purple accents, couch, double bed & bookshelves.
Grand Suite

#701-706 on Deck 7: one double bed, approximately 291 square feet, one double window, private balcony, sofa, wardrobe, refrigerator.

Hondius polar expedition ship's 7-floor deck plan
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