Polar Regions Antarctica Cruise

Classic Antarctica

This 10- or 11-day Classic Antarctica expedition cruise to the Antarctic Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands lands at penguin colonies, research stations and the White Continent itself. Learn to identify species of whales and sea birds while crossing the Drake Passage beside expert naturalists and lecturers on the intimate 88-guest Ushuaia. Photograph penguins, icebergs and snow-capped mountains on South Shetland Islands, a haven for wildlife. Be greeted by macaroni, chinstrap and gentoo penguins as well as elephant seals at Livingston Island. Sail through into the caldera of Deception Island and experience wildlife overload on King George Island!

A unique addition to this Antarctic Peninsula itinerary is an intended visit to Paulet Island, where over 100,000 breeding pairs of Adélie penguins have been known to nest. Other landing sites (weather and sea conditions permitting) include Melchior Island group, Cuverville Island, Portal Point, Neko Harbor, Pléneau Island and Petermann Island to visit the southernmost colony of gentoo penguins. 

Accommodation is aboard the 88-guest Ushuaia, an ice-strengthened polar vessel originally built for the United States agency NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration). As one of the smallest ships operating in Antarctica, she offers an open bridge policy and more time on land for her guests, intending to get the most out of her journeys. 

In addition to the main Classic Antarctica 10- or 11-day itinerary listed, there are alternative itineraries of varying lengths that explore the Weddell Sea (11 days) or attempt to cross the Polar Circle (12 days).

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