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Antarpply Expeditions is based in Ushuaia and specializes in taking small groups and individual passengers to some of the most spectacular, remote and pristine parts of the world on board the 90-guest Ushuaia. Originally built for the United States agency NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration), the Ushuaia is one of the smallest ships operating Antarctica cruises.

Antarpply Cruises

Because IAATO regulations allow only 100 passengers on land at a time, a small ship like Ushuaia is ideal to maximize guests’ time on land. Antarpply Expeditions operates within the parameters of the Antarctic Treaty System, including the Antarctic Treaty and the Protocol on the Environment and Annexes and IAATO guidelines. In this context, the protection of Antarctic wildlife is very important to the company’s operations, as is the respect for scientific research and the wish to keep Antarctica pristine. 

Part of Antarpply’s effort is dedicated to enhance the awareness and concern for the conservation of the Antarctic environment and its associated ecosystems by giving lectures and informal talks on board prior to arrival. Once ashore, passengers will be accompanied by chosen scientists and guides, who love to share their knowledge. Antarpply’s end goal is to create a corps of ambassadors for the continued protection of Antarctica. 

Why Choose Antarpply Expeditions

Antarpply keeps operations simple and straightforward with one ship currently sailing all their itineraries. This offers guests a consistent onboard experience, with more specialized operational touches that only a small company, and a small ship like the Ushuaia, can provide. Choose Antarpply if you want to be onboard one of the more intimate expedition cruises offered in Antarctica today.

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