Polar Regions Antarctica Cruise

Epic Antarctic Odyssey: Crossing the 7th Continent

Calling all pioneers, history buffs and adventure lovers for an epic adventure across the southern seas. Follow in the footsteps of explorers such as Scott, Ross, Amundsen and Shackleton and embark on a journey very few people on this planet have made. Sail beyond the Antarctic Circle, uncover wonders of the Ross Sea, explore the Peninsula and the incredible sights in between! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to thoroughly witness the beauty and majesty of this remote and pristine environment.

The highlights are many on this epic voyage. Skirt rowdy beaches crowded with harems of New Zealand (Hooker’s) sea lions to reach rātā forests where rare yellow-eyed penguins can be found. Revel in the richness of the unique Ross Sea ecosystem, part of the Ross Sea Region Marine Protected Area and a Sylvia Earle Mission Blue “Hope Spot”. Navigate through gleaming pack ice alive with Weddell and leopard seals, Adélie and emperor penguins and whales feeding in fathomless leads. And reflect on the remarkable achievements of the Heroic Age explorers as you attempt to visit some of their beautifully preserved historic huts (conditions permitting). 

Cruise aboard adventure-ready polar expedition ship Douglas Mawson for its state-of-the-art design and technology, plus excursion-minded preparation rooms and multiple boarding platforms for efficient embarkation and disembarkation. This small ship averages 154 guests, with a selection of dedicated single cabins, and an educational and engaged team of expedition guides providing programming aimed at immersion into the surrounding polar wilds.

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