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Remote Weddell Sea Explorer Cruise

On this special 28-day voyage, cruise round-trip from Ushuaia on the trail of famed polar explorer Ernest Shackleton and his ship Endurance, experiencing South Georgia and the Weddell Sea’s amazing wildlife and tabular icebergs before returning via Elephant Island. Complete this rarely offered, historic route aboard the comfortable, 108-guest Ortelius. Along the way, enjoy lectures on wildlife, landscape, history and more.

The continental borders of the Weddell Sea are formed by huge floating sheets of ice. These ice shelves produce the massive tabular icebergs that are so abundant in the Weddell Sea. Scientists have declared the waters of the Weddell Sea to be the clearest water of any sea on Earth. The tabular icebergs and other ice formations offer fantastic landscapes and unique photo opportunities.

The Weddell Sea is home to a large number of orcas, humpbacks and minke whales as well as leopard, Weddell and crabeater seals. Several penguin species can be seen there too.

This voyage employs helicopters in areas where Zodiacs cannot be used, for attempted landings on land and sea ice when weather permits. Ortelius is equipped with three helicopters with one supporting. Especially on the east side of the Weddell, the chance of landings can be limited due to ice formations. Zodiac cruises are wonderful alternatives, if conditions allow.

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