Polar Regions Arctic Cruise

Northern Lights Explorer Cruise

Explore remote islands and villages in the regions renown for the dazzling light show that is the aurora borealis. Shorter days in the high latitudes means darkening evening skies. As night falls, look skywards hoping to catch the magic of the northern lights. This spectacular natural phenomenon offers a surreal light display as vibrant hues of blue, green, pink and violet dance across the night sky. Places located near the Arctic Circle such as northern Norway, Iceland and Greenland, are some of the best places in the world to witness this stunning light show.

Sail from Reykjavik, Iceland aboard 132-guest Greg Mortimer. This far-reaching route stays close to the coastlines of the Arctic Circle, skirting around the Norwegian and Greenland seas, to include Jan Mayen, the Faroe Islands, Iceland’s remote Westfjords and Greenland’s Scoresbysund. Consider the opportunity to add on kayaking, one-time paddling and stand-up paddleboarding to the adventure.

Aside from opportunities to see the northern lights, the highlights of this expedition cruise are many. Just south of the Arctic Circle, explore Vega Island, an important center for the production of eider duck down and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Attempt to land on Jan Mayen, home to Mount Beerenberg, the northernmost active volcano in the world. Discover the world’s largest fjord system at Greenland’s Scoresbysund, an unbeatable place to photograph dazzling icebergs. And hike among Iceland’s remote Westfjords for splendid scenery and very few other people.

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