Polar Regions Arctic Cruise

Arctic Sights & Northern Lights

Arctic culture and landscapes come alive on the 11-day Arctic Sights & Northern Lights aboard the luxury 114-guest expedition ship M/V Sea Spirit. Search for whales and Arctic wildlife while cruising round-trip from Reykjavik, Iceland, through breathtaking fjords flanked by steep mountains along eastern Greenland. Across the Denmark Strait, explore the stunning Scoresby Sund fjord complex to discover unbelievable scenery, historical sites, massive icebergs, a contemporary Inuit village and of course the mesmerizing northern lights. Visit the unique Westfjords of Iceland. Every night on this voyage brings another excellent chance to experience the northern lights in a beautiful setting.

Kayaking is available at an added cost for those who wish to experience this paddler’s paradise. The islands and fjords of the High Arctic closely guard some of the world’s most unique and magical sea kayaking opportunities. Experience cathedral-like icebergs in Greenland, labyrinthine expanses of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean and rugged coastlines in remote waters that very few people have ever paddled. Photographic instructions, lectures and opportunities from expert photographers and guides are included in every departure.

Sailing aboard the 114-guest Sea Spirit is like floating aboard a fine hotel that is highly maneuverable and capable of navigating narrow bays and icy channels. Add the luxury of incredible amenities, a generous crew, expert leaders and onboard photography lessons and this voyage is complete. If icebergs, Arctic culture and wildlife, and the aurora borealis are your polar interests, then this Arctic Sights & Northern Lights itinerary is the trip for you!

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