Polar Regions Arctic Land Tour

East Greenland Arctic Adventure

For adventure travelers looking for the ultimate Arctic experience, this is it! The East Greenland Arctic Adventure is a 10-day expedition in the stunning and remote Arctic landscape. Discover Greenland’s rugged beauty with close-up views of the ice sheets, mazes of fjords and islands and guided walks. Witness melting glaciers calve into massive icebergs that float into the sea in this awesome pristine wilderness.

Authentic encounters with Greenlandic Inuit people who practice subsistence lifestyles in this uncompromising Arctic environment illuminate a culture that remains largely in harmony with nature. During the summer months, the tundra is dotted by colorful wildflowers, ripening lowbush blueberries and crowberries. Whales occasionally frequent the bay, while icebergs, spawned from massive glaciers, glitter in the light of a late sunset. Beneath granite peaks that tower over deep fjords, Greenland’s east coast—the “Arctic Riviera”—offers some of the best hiking and kayaking in the North. 

Complete creature comforts complement daily activities at Base Camp Greenland, your home base located near the edge of mighty Sermilik Fjord, with hot showers, private toilets and excellent chef-prepared meals. Basecamp Greenland accommodates a maximum of 12 travelers to ensure a quiet wilderness experience and personal attention from expert Arctic naturalists and guides.

In a region previously accessible only by hiking, kayaking or camping in tents on very limited short day excursions, travelers can now experience an eye-level vantage point of the Arctic’s huge icebergs floating by, and occasional whales and seals in the frigid waters. Thanks to Base Camp Greenland, you can discover Greenland like never before!

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