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Tundra Lodge Adventure

Tundra Lodge Adventure is a 6- or 7-day experience based in Churchill, the polar bear capital of the world. Experience polar bear viewing day and night in the subarctic tundra aboard the Tundra Lodge, a custom-designed rolling hotel that offers unparalleled seclusion and proximity to wild polar bears.

By day, explore aboard comfortable all-terrain tundra vehicles called Polar Rovers and perhaps be inches away from a polar bear below the corrugated steel mesh floors, where the more curious bears often walk. By night, be immersed in the Hudson Bay polar bear migration from inside the Tundra Lodge, where each guest has a private sleeping berth with window through which to watch polar bears and perhaps even the northern lights.

Stay two nights in the town of Churchill for cultural activities and a chance to meet the hardy locals who call this subarctic outpost home. Learn about the historic frontier, once a Hudson’s Bay Company trading post, and its distinctive northern identity through cultural presentations. Meet a local dog musher and his team to learn all about working sled dogs, and ride behind the enthusiastic huskies as they race through the boreal forest.

In addition to the main 6-day itinerary, there’s a 6-day option that operates during the Autumn, when the weather is a bit warmer and vibrant subarctic fall foliage contrasts with white polar bears wandering in from throughout the region. The 7-day Photography Adventure focuses on photographing polar bears, with an accomplished photographer as your guide. And the 7-day Tundra Lodge & Town Adventure adds the unique opportunity to explore the historic town of Churchill.

You won’t find a more comfortable way to leisurely observe polar bears than from the Tundra Lodge. Enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in warmth and comfort. Don’t miss this chance to possibly check polar bears and the northern lights off your bucket list!

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