Safari-style tent cabins with two kayaks out front at Base Camp Greenland, in Sermilik Fjord
White-walled yurt with tall windows, house plants, coffee table, carpets & couches at Base Camp Greenland.
2 Arctic travelers in down jackets stand on wooden deck outside beige yurt at Base Camp Greenland while photographing at sunset.
The interior of a private cabin with two twin beds at Base Camp Greenland in Sermilik Fjord, the Arctic.
A woman is serving dinner with fresh ingredients to guests, buffet-style, at Base Camp Greenland in Sermilik Fjord
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Base Camp Greenland

Base Camp Greenland, located in Sermilik Fjord, East Greenland, offers an exclusive refuge of comfort in the Arctic. Though it’s located in one of the most remote places on the planet, the camp provides a host of amenities.

There are eight individual safari-style tent cabins built of heavy-duty vinyl on raised platforms. Each cabin has a private veranda with a view of the bay and Greenland ice sheet in the distance, offering a chance to enjoy a panorama of the wilderness in sublime solitude. Guests enjoy social time in the common room, where the kitchen and dining area are located and which serves as a lecture space for presentations. Excellent meals are prepared by the creative camp chef, with fresh and varied ingredients arriving regularly.

Base Camp Greenland Review

AdventureSmith Explorations’ Base Camp Greenland review includes a detailed description and photo gallery. Our adventure travel experts can help compare Base Camp Greenland with other adventure lodging and Arctic tours.

Choose Base Camp Greenland for a remote, eco-friendly getaway where rustic luxury meets raw wilderness.

Sustainability at Base Camp Greenland

A hallmark of Base Camp Greenland is its eco-conscious construction. In such a pristine environment, every care is taken to ensure that the footprint is minimal. Camp facilities are set up for two months in the summer and, with the exception of the storage shed, are taken down at the end of each season to reduce impact. In order to accomplish this, water piping and plumbing systems must be relatively simple and located in only one building—thus the shower block that is separate from the individual cabins. Camp solid waste is hauled away and disposed of in a biodegradable manner at the municipal dump in the community of Tinit—nothing whatsoever is left on site. Only biodegradable soap is used in the kitchen and showers.

Accommodations at Base Camp Greenland

Inside each safari-style tent at Base Camp Greenland are two twin beds outfitted with warm comforters and comfortable pillows, a sitting bench, carpet runner, hanging clothing storage and an en suite odorless dry toilet and washbasin. There is a separate bathhouse segregated by gender for hot showers. Spacious cabin interiors are warmed by an individual heater—welcome on chilly nights—though long summer days here are often quite mild and dry. Though the Arctic summer offers long hours of daylight, cabins also have interior light provided by small individual battery-operated lanterns. Private verandas outside each tent offer views of the bay and the Greenland ice sheet.

Stay in these cozy Arctic cabins on the edge of nowhere as you explore a spectacular area very few have laid eyes on.

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