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Vietnam & Cambodia: Along the Mekong River, Including Angkor & Saigon

This Vietnam & Cambodia: Along the Mekong River, including Angkor & Saigon cruise offers access to traditional villages as well as bustling cities. Cambodia and Vietnam are beautiful countries with centuries of history and culture that experienced so much war and dislocation but are now developing swiftly. Ancient temples, wooden carvings, architecture and floating river markets are just a few highlights of this Vietnam and Cambodia small ship cruise.

Walk in the sublime temples at Angkor, a World Heritage Site built by the Khmer people over a 400-year period that ended in the 13th century. Near Siem Reap, Cambodia, visit small temples known for their carvings and architecture. At the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh, bear witness to the devastating effects of the rule of the Khmer Rouge and experience the dynamic, positive spirit of the people who are working hard to secure a better future. Shop at Tan Chau, one of Vietnam’s most friendly and interesting markets, and Cai Be, a floating market where boats display the object being sold high up on a pole.

Begin the trip in Siem Reap, Cambodia at the incredible La Résidence d’Angkor, built along the Siem Reap River in traditional Khmer style, with spacious rooms featuring teak furniture and bamboo screens. Spend the next seven nights aboard the 48-guest Jahan and witness the incredible views, landscapes and cultures of the Mekong River. Complete the journey at the great Vietnamese city of Saigon (officially called Ho Chi Minh City), a burgeoning metropolis with an interesting colonial legacy.

In addition to the main Vietnam & Cambodia: Along the Mekong River, including Angkor & Saigon cruise, there is also a reverse itinerary that begins in Saigon, Vietnam, and ends in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Cruises afford access to places that would otherwise be difficult to reach. Jahan’s cabins are luxurious and spacious, each with a private balcony, and she offers a standard of accommodation and service that has until now been unknown in this part of the world.

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