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Sailing the Greek Isles Aboard Sea Cloud

Sailing the Greek Isles is a luxury cruise aboard the 58-guest Sea Cloud, an exclusive charter of the historic windjammer Sea Cloud. Experience the Cyclades while under full sail aboard a romantic tall ship, relaxing on board while crew members climb the rigging and hoist the sails. Cruise alongside a team of expert guides who reveal the awesome history, culture and nature of the Greek Isles.

Cyclades are the Greek islands of the imagination, where colorful fishing boats are reflected in azure waters and whitewashed villages cascade down scrabbled slopes. They surround the sacred sanctuary of Delos, one of the most important archaeological sites in the western world. On the island of Tinos, explore the picturesque village of Pyrgos, adorned with carved marble facades, and visit the church of Panagia Evangelistria, Greece’s holiest shrine. Drop anchor at Amorgos and explore the city perched on a mountainside with beautiful domed churches and windmills. Sail inside the caldera archipelago of Santorini and walk the windswept vineyards of Oia before touring the excavations at Atrotiri, the ancient Minoan town perfectly preserved in ash after its desecration by volcanic eruption. Peruse famous pottery on the rugged island of Sifnos then stop into a waterfront tavern and walk along the welcoming shore.

Every moment of this organized mosaic of island jewels, historic substance, day-by-day living and Mediterranean flavor is as relaxing and magical as a Mediterranean cruise can be. Sailing the Greek Isles aboard the 58-guest Sea Cloud perfects the atmosphere of elegance. Between bouts of history and mythology from expert guides, immerse in the contemporary culture and beauty of the Greek islands.

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