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Northwest Passage Expedition

The icy, labyrinthine channels of the legendary Northwest Passage have enchanted explorers and adventurers for centuries. Get a glimpse into the world that captivated early explorers such as Franklin, Amundsen and Larsen by exploring the fabled Northwest Passage on one of two routes aboard 132-guest Sylvia Earle or Greg Mortimer. Highlights include visiting Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you can add on a helicopter flightsee, and the ease of trip-end charter flights to Calgary, Toronto or Anchorage.

This 16- or 17-day route covers the eastern portion of the Northwest Passage. The journey starts with a charter flight from Toronto to embark in Kangerlussuaq (2024) or Nuuk (2025), Greenland, then ends in Cambridge Bay, Canada, with another charter flight to Calgary. Or reverse that route to start in Calgary and end in Toronto. Visit the final resting places of some of the heroic explorers to have ventured here and experience the archipelago of islands and channels that form Canada’s High Arctic region. Along the way, meet local indigenous people who call this remote wilderness home, and encounter enigmatic Arctic wildlife, including walrus, beluga whale, polar bear, musk ox and the elusive narwhal.

Highlights include: Standing in awe of Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and taking a helicopter flight above it. Hiking on Devon Island, the world’s largest uninhabited island, which features stunning geology, fjords and glacial valleys to explore. On Beechey Island, visiting memorials and graves of explorers from John Franklin’s expedition. Keeping watch with the hope of spotting iconic Arctic wildlife including musk ox, polar bears, beluga whales, walrus and perhaps narwhal. And savoring every moment of adventure. Pack ice may halt the voyage through the passage, so brace yourself for a genuine expedition where unexpected adventure awaits at every turn.

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