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Frontier Lands of New Guinea

Travel from Australia aboard the 120-guest Coral Adventurer to the remote sights and sounds of the rarely visited New Guinea. On these New Guinea cruises, experience some of the world’s most striking and intact cultural regions as they emerge into the 21st century and venture into the most remote corners of Papua New Guinea on a series of distinct departures with trip lengths to suit a range of travel needs.

The main, 13-day New Guinea cruises are an opportunity to immerse into the wild and rugged scenery of Papua New Guinea that is rarely seen and mostly inaccessible by land. Papua New Guinea is home to the largest area of intact rainforest outside of the Amazon. This voyage uncovers little-visited islands, volcanic mountains and pristine rainforest wilderness areas forged by mighty rivers. Sail past spectacular Kadovar Islands, known for its volcanic activity. Venture up the mighty Sepik River to see riverfront village life little changed in hundreds of years. Buy traditional crafts such as masks and carvings at the village market of Bien. Snorkel, swim or dive on vibrant reefs at the Fly Islands and visit the unique Bubbling Springs Reef at Dobu.

An alternative, 13-day Forgotten Islands of Papua New Guinea cruise weaves through remote islands that have witnessed history through millennia, from villages untouched by time to more recent artifacts at World War II battlegrounds. At Ataliklikun Bay, be aboard the first cruise ship ever to visit the village and watch the mesmerizing fire dance of the Baining people. Tour the ghost town of Rabaul, the base for 110,000 Japanese troops during World War II. See the intact Zero fighter in the shallow waters of Deboyne Bay. Witness the traditional canoe building culture of remote Laughlan Atoll and hike to the Dei Dei hot springs. Interact with enthusiastic villagers at Kuiawa in the Trobriand Islands—the Islands of Love. Disembark in Cairns at the end of a fascinating journey through time.

A 26-day alternative itinerary (not listed), Through The Islands & Atolls of Micronesia, travels eastbound from from Manila, Philippines, through all four states of the Federated States of Micronesia: Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei and Kosrae, before disembarking in Kavieng, Papua New Guinea. Snorkel or dive at almost every stop, from world-famous lagoons to remote biosphere reserves.

An alternative, comprehensive 36-day Papua New Guinea cruise travels from Cairns to Darwin, Australia, exploring nearly the entire coastline of Papua New Guinea as well as the stunningly beautiful Raja Ampat, Indonesia, and the history-rich Spice Islands. Highlights include sailing past an active volcano, opportunities to collect regional hand-carved artifacts, snorkeling and scuba diving (added cost) through coral reefs, zipping through gumdrop karst islands aboard a Zodiac, climbing Mt Pindito, swimming with majestic whale sharks and encountering the Asmat warriors at Agats. Throughout the expedition guests discover the very best that nature has to offer, with the brilliantly colored bird-of-paradise, the world’s most diverse coral reefs and unique and powerful villages that have maintained traditional lifestyles throughout years of colonial exploration.

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