Grassy lawn and exterior of Explora Rapa Nui Lodge on Easter Island
Outdoor pool and hot tub with lounging chairs at Explora Rapa Nui Lodge on Easter Island
Two 2-top tables with modern chairs are set for a fancy dinner by view windows looking out onto rolling grassy hills & ocean.
Comfortable chairs and couches in a sun-filled common room at Explora Rapa Nui Lodge on Easter Island
Large double bed with red blanket plus small wicker chairs & table in wood & stone room with large view windows overlooking sea.
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Explora Rapa Nui Lodge, Chile

Explora Rapa Nui Lodge on Easter Island, Chile is one of the most isolated places on Earth, about 2,300 miles from Chile. The hotel has privileged views of the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding countryside. Explora Rapa Nui is located in a quiet and peaceful area of Easter Island about five miles east of the island’s main town, Hanga Roa. Rapa Nui (as it’s called by native Polynesian inhabitants) or Easter Island is home to the famous moia statues, which bring people from all over to discover the magical history of these giant heads.

Explora Rapa Nui’s staff are mostly local, which allows travelers to interact with authentic Rapa Nui who are extremely knowledgeable and proud of their heritage.

Explora Rapa Nui Lodge Review

AdventureSmith Explorations’ Explora Rapa Nui Lodge review includes a detailed description and photo gallery. Our adventure travel experts can help compare the Explora Rapa Nui Lodge with other adventure lodging and Chile land tours.

Choose the Explora Rapa Nui Lodge for its unique design, commitment to sustainability and sweeping sight lines.

Design & Sustainability at Explora Rapa Nui Lodge

The award-winning architecture at Explora Rapa Nui on Easter Island is thoughtful and representative of the area and local culture. Every detail has been accounted for, and the beauty of the lodge and its amenities will be sure to delight all your senses. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified, the building sits on a 2,372-acre plot of land that is unsuitable for agriculture and contains no archaeological remains. This awe-inspiring location makes for an amazing basecamp for the lodge’s comprehensive exploration program. Explora Rapa Nui has its own organic orchards, which are part of its sustainable development program.

Common Areas at Explora Rapa Nui Lodge

The lodge hosts an outdoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi, ancestral sauna and massage area, all perfect for recovering from the wear and tear of a long day of exploration. An onsite store carries all the items necessary for adventure, along with local artisanal goods and books of the area.

Dining at Explora Rapa Nui Lodge

Meals are artistic and thoughtful, made with only the finest quality ingredients and authentic flavors. Meals will always be paired with a good wine, while a selection of premium wines are also available. The Explorer’s Bar is the meeting place for guides and guests to plan explorations.

Activities at Explora Rapa Nui Lodge

Explora Rapa Nui Lodge offers over 30 different guided excursions, including hikes, cultural visits, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing and biking for all activity levels. Travelers have the option to choose different explorations every day. These excursions have different lengths and difficulty levels. Full-day explorations often enable lunch at the seaside, while half-day adventures allow guests to return to Explora Rapa Nui to choose a second activity for the afternoon.

Accommodations at Explora Rapa Nui Lodge

The 30 rooms of Explora Rapa Nui are designed to take full advantage of the silence, privacy and spaciousness of the surrounding landscape, ensuring deep rest after a long day of exploration. Enjoy disconnection from the everyday routine with rooms that are free of televisions or WiFi (available in the hotel’s common areas).

Double bed with white sheets & green blanket in stone & wood room with view window at Explora Rapa Nui.
Varúa Room

There are 26 Varúa Rooms that are each 345 square feet with with a large window and view of the sea.

Large double bed with red blanket plus small wicker chairs & table in wood & stone room with large view windows overlooking sea.
Raa Suite

The 4 Raa Suites are each 474 square feet with an expansive window for ocean views, and seating. These suites can accommodate families with children.

Map showing where Explora Rapa Nui Lodge sits on the southern coast of Easter Island.
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