Explora Patagonia National Park Lodge

Explora Patagonia National Park Lodge sits in a remote sector of the park: Valle Chacabuco, roughly 5.5 hours overland or a 45-minute flight from the Balmaceda Airport. Its strategic and privileged location features the nearby Northern Ice Fields, Marble Cathedrals, Baker River and various stunning lakes. Every exploration from this intimate 13-room lodge is a conservation-minded journey in a park created with rewilding in mind.

Explora Patagonia National Park Lodge Review

AdventureSmith Explorations’ Explora Patagonia National Park Lodge review includes a detailed description and photo gallery. Our Patagonia experts have stayed at similar Explora properties and can provide firsthand knowledge into these properties, as well as compare the Explora Lodge in Patagonia National Park with her sister Patagonia properties of Explora Torres del Paine Lodge and Explora El Chaltén Lodge, plus other adventure lodging and Chile travel.

Choose Explora Patagonia National Park Lodge for its intimate, remote and private feel as a small property tucked in among the hills and valleys of Patagonia National Park. And feel good about the largely self-sustaining nature of this lodge, with locally sourced food and construction materials.

Design & Sustainability at Explora Patagonia National Park Lodge

This lodge was built in partnership with Tompkins Conservation, a foundation that works with nonprofits and local communities to rewild various habitats and animal populations in Chile and Argentina. The design aims to complement the surrounding wilds, a blend of traditional Patagonian estancias and successful structures from iconic national parks around the world. Materials are largely sourced locally, including stones from nearby quarries, recycled wood and copper roofs. Finally, this property is operated by a certified B Company which is carbon neutral.

Common Areas at Explora Patagonia National Park Lodge

An inviting living room offers comfortable seating, 180-degree views and plenty of reference material on the surrounding parklands. Steps from the lodge is the spa with three outdoor hot tubs and two massage rooms—encouraging relaxation after a day of exploration. Additionally, the Patagonia National Park Museum is onsite, offering insights into the landscape and cultural history of the Chacabuco Valley. Exhibits shed light on the human influences on the park over the years, and how conservation efforts are making a positive impact. This property also offers the Buttler House, with a kitchen, dining room and event space for specialty groups needing their own spot.

Dining at Explora Patagonia National Park Lodge

Each meal served at Explora Patagonia National Park Lodge features fresh, local ingredients from small-scale farmers. Tastes reflect the gaucho culture with options including asado (barbecue) over a wood fire. The restaurant is an excellent place to make new friends among both lodge guests (whose meals and drinks are included) and other travelers who are simply passing through the park. A casual and cozy bar serves up special wines, pisco sours and more alongside views into the open kitchen, as well as window-lined seating for views of the surrounding mountains. Expect top-notch cuisine with a menu designed by owner Pablo Jesús Rivero and consulting chef Guido Tassi of “Don Julio,” chosen as the 10th Best Restaurant in Latin America according to the ranking of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2021.

Activities at Explora Patagonia National Park Lodge

Select from over 30 activity options, ranging from easy to moderate, advanced and expert. Guests at Explora Patagonia National Park Lodge are treated to a sit down with a guide to tailor their activities. Choose among hiking, biking, kayaking, high mountain excursions, overland crossings or a combination of outings. Activities can be self-guided or fully guided and they range across six different exploration areas, each highlighting unique geographic, cultural and environmental characteristics.

Aside from active exploration, Explora Patagonia National Park Lodge also offers the nearby Tompkins Museum, an onsite shop for necessities and local handicrafts, and an added-cost massage service for relaxation after a busy day.

Accommodations at Explora Patagonia National Park Lodge

This small property offers only 13 rooms, providing the feel of a bed and breakfast. Each room or suite features warm wooden furniture and flooring, plus wood ceilings with exposed beams. The clean and natural décor is complemented by plenty of windows to let in light and keep the focus on the surrounding countryside. Common to each room or suite is a crib and additional bed (subject to availability), individual heating and a private bathroom with hair dryer. Interconnecting rooms may be available for families or groups. Onsite laundry service is available for an added fee.