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These expert reviews and traveler-written Alaska cruise ratings detail everything from the meals to the off-ship activities. Read on for more insight, or ask us direct for our unbiased one-on-one advice. We’re here to help you decide.
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What are Alaskan cruises like? Want to know about the food? Which cabin category is best aboard which Alaska ship? Read more to learn about how we rate cruise lines, how to read our small ship Alaska cruise reviews to inform your choices and get insider tips on online ratings.

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How to Read Our Small Ship Alaska Cruise Reviews

Our travelers and skilled team of Adventure Specialists have cruised extensively along Alaska’s varied shoreline, ports of call and remote fjords and share their experiences in these detailed small ship Alaska cruise reviews. Start at the top of this page to find links to detailed reviews of Alaska small ship cruises written in blog format, or scroll down to see traveler-written testimonials of specific trips, rating everything from the meals and the guides to the onboard experience and AdventureSmith Explorations’ customer service. We consistently refresh what’s listed here so you get the latest reviews from travelers like you.

Rating Cruise Lines

You can rest assured that all the small Alaskan cruise lines featured on AdventureSmith Explorations’ website are focused on sustainable, authentic travel in Alaska. We’ve hand picked and tested firsthand our small ship partners so that travelers can trust us as a resource to book their trip with confidence. If you’re seeking Lindblad Alaska cruise reviews or other other small ship operator reviews to find the best rated Alaska cruise, you’ve come to the right place. Our team can steer you toward not only reviews on our website, but also to speak with an expert or alumni traveler who have been aboard.

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How Similar Will My Trip Be to These Small Ship Alaska Cruise Reviews?

While we can’t guarantee weather and wildlife sightings, you can trust that we will help set your expectations for the trip so that you’re best prepared for what’s to come. Alaska, as all destinations, provides a unique experience that’s further distinct depending on where in Alaska you travel, when you go and how you travel. Reading our small ship Alaska cruise reviews can inspire you about the possibilities (from luxury to family to expedition cruises), but the fun will be in the surprise of what happens on your own journey. Perhaps you’ll strike it wildlife-rich and encounter bears, otter, orcas in Alaska, humpback whales, mountain goats, bald eagles and sea lions all in one day… But more than likely you’ll have intimate encounters with Alaska’s wilderness flora and fauna revealed like the plot of a good book over the course of a week. And if you miss anything on your Alaska bucket list, all the more reason to return!

Alaska Inside Passage Cruise Reviews

Our Alaska cruise reviews extend from the Gulf of Alaska’s Cook Inlet and Prince William Sound south to the Dixon Entrance at the border of Canada, but by far our most sought-after reviews are Alaska Inside Passage cruise reviews. This popular cruising region extends (more or less) from Ketchikan in the south up to Glacier Bay National Park and Haines and Skagway in the north. The maze of fjords, passages and calm bays here beckon small ships and travelers, so you’ll find the bulk of our reviews and testimonials covering this region.

What Are Alaskan Cruises Like Compared to Other Cruises Worldwide?

We hope you enjoy reading our small ship Alaska cruise reviews and can now answer your question: What are Alaskan cruises like? Feel free to contact one of our Alaska specialists to send you a list of recommended reviews to read or learn more about all the AdventureSmith Explorations Alaska travel options.

And know that our insight doesn’t just focus on Alaska. View all of our small ship cruise reviews to browse our collection of worldwide travel reviews aboard small ships. From what shore excursions you can’t miss to the best ports of call, find insight wherever you want to sail.

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View our most recent small ship cruise to Alaska reviews written in blog format here. Sort by Expert Reviews written by our team of Alaska travel specialists, or sort by Travel Journals to read those written by travelers like you. Or, scroll below these Alaska cruise reviews to find traveler-written testimonials of specific trips, rating everything from the meals and the guides to the onboard experience.


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Inspired by these Alaskan cruise reviews? AdventureSmith Explorations offers the largest selection of Alaska small ship cruises aboard ships carrying 8 to 100 guests. Start exploring our top-rated cruises, then let our Adventure Specialists be your ultimate resource for selecting and booking your route. Our team is known for our personalized service, unbiased knowledge and personal Alaska cruise reviews from our firsthand experience. Find your best Alaska cruise with our expertise!

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