Founded in 1990, Ecoventura is the epitome of what a Galapagos cruise operator should be. Its fleet of small expedition vessels are custom built in Ecuador to cruise in the Galapagos Islands. The company, true to their ecotourism-inspired name, has an industry-leading commitment to sustainability. And they consistently rank at the top in terms of service and experience from AdventureSmith Explorations travelers.

AdventureSmith Explorations & Ecoventura

AdventureSmith Explorations Founder Todd Smith began working with Ecoventura more than twenty years ago, and through that time our confidence in the company has only increased. As with many of our operators, the root of our relationship is a personal friendship with Ecoventura executives and directors. The level of trust and confidence we have in this partnership is a benchmark we strive to achieve with all our operator partners.

Ecuador Owned & Operated

As both owner and operator of its fleet (a scenario that is becoming increasingly rare in the Galapagos), Ecoventura maintains consistently high level of quality and service. As a family-owned Galapagos adventure cruise company, Ecoventura is committed to providing an authentic experience with small compatible groups, offering exceptional value and safe, memorable—even mind expanding—voyages.

Ecoventura Philosophy

Ecoventura was born out of a desire to offer small groups the most inspiring wildlife experience possible in the Galapagos while providing hands-on exploration of nature with enough varied activities sure to leave a lasting impression in each guest’s life.

Ecoventura Crew & Guides

Ecoventura has carefully selected only the most knowledgeable, professional and friendly captains, guides and crews in the region. Onboard naturalists are professionals who speak fluent English and provide travelers with a superior interpretive program to enhance guests’ understanding of the Galapagos Islands’ natural and human history. Captains have high-tonnage licenses with years of experience on vessels in the Navy or Merchant Marine. They are also all very well versed in passenger safety, ISM procedures and first aid. Several crew members have been working with Ecoventura since the company was founded. They work together as a cohesive team and go out of their way to ensure guests have a memorable experience in the Galapagos Islands.

Sustainable Cruising

Ecoventura is a leader in Galapagos sustainable cruising and was the first company to be certified as Smart Voyager, an ecological program developed by the Rainforest Alliance. They have made costly vessel improvements, such as desalination units and four-stroke outboard motors, which helped set a standard that other operators still strive to achieve. They partnered with the World Wildlife Fund to create the Galapagos Marine Biodiversity Fund and reduced carbon emissions through installing and offsetting with alternative energy sources. No other Galapagos cruise line is as committed to conservation and preservation as Ecoventura. 

Galapagos Family Cruises

Cruises with Ecoventura have always been a top choice for Galapagos family cruises. With dedicated family and teen departures, they are able to offer a program specifically designed for younger travelers while encouraging likeminded families to travel together. In 2012, Ecoventura partnered with Ecology Project International to provide local teens with a field course in conservation.

Ecoventura continues to be a leader in Galapagos cruising and will hopefully inspire others toward a more sustainable operation. President Santiago Dunn said it best: “We want to give our passengers the assurance that Ecoventura has taken every measure to ensure that passengers enjoy a safe, thrilling adventure without harming the unique wildlife or the fragile environment. We all live in this world and breath the same air, the least we can do is try to preserve it for our children and future generations to come.” 

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