Chicago Tribune
January 5, 2018
By Phil Marty

Cruisers who are tired of the Caribbean and Mediterranean and want to spice up their next water-based vacation should check out new offerings for 2018 from AdventureSmith Explorations. Destinations include Tasmania, Patagonia and remote areas of Indonesia. Or, to get really off the grid, there’s a 17-day journey into the high Arctic to explore the Northwest Passage. The 132-passenger Ocean Adventurer is offering both northbound and southbound itineraries that venture into the northernmost reaches of Canada and down the coastline of Greenland. Outings on inflatable Zodiac boats will get passengers up close to glaciers and icebergs. Musk ox, walruses and seals are among the wildlife that cruisers likely will spot along the way. Shore expeditions may visit remote native hunting and fishing villages and grave sites of early Arctic explorers. Prices start at $9,695 per person for a triple cabin or $12,595 for a double. There’s also a charge of $2,495 for one night’s pre- and post-expedition hotel accommodation in Ottawa and internal flights. Air to get to Ottawa is extra. Read about AdventureSmith’s new 2018 lineup.