Polar Regions Arctic Cruise

Expedition to the Thule Region

Embark 264-guest Le Boreal in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland for a 17-day discovery of the Thule region, a mythical territory of the Far North. From the ice cap to the ice floes, via glaciers, icebergs and brash ice, sail among the Northern Hemisphere’s largest ice producers. And enjoy spectacular landscapes, including Greenland’s western mountains softened by glaciers, the Arctic mountain range’s steep slopes and Thule’s high Arctic tundra.

North of the Baffin Sea in the region of Thule, guided by your captain and expedition leader, experience a tricky but spectacular sail between drifting icebergs and sheets of ice floe. With luck, observe one of the many polar bears that roam this favorable environment, while also keeping watch for musk ox and arctic wolves. This route specially visits the Kuannit Coast, where cliffs house numerous seabirds. Additionally, Thule hosts Greenland’s northernmost native settlement and provides a challenging, yet exciting region to navigate through.

The alternative 8-day Disko Bay & Inuit Villages itinerary focuses on a smaller section of west Greenland, making many of the same stops. On this shorter itinerary, uniquely visit Evighedsfjorden, “the fjord of Eternity,” Disko Bay with its world-renowned icebergs and humpback whales, and the small village of Qeqertarsuaq. 

Travel in style aboard Le Boreal. Heir refined and attentive service, plethora of onboard activities and unrivaled elegance provide the ultimate comfort while exploring the remote Thule region. Aboard either ship, appreciate understated sophistication, an international feel and top-notch guides.

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