Cala Mia Boutique Hotel

Cala Mia Boutique Hotel is a luxury eco-island resort located on the lightly populated island of Boca Brava, in the Chiriqui Archipelago, part of the National Marine Park in the Gulf of Chiriqui, and is only a 15 minutes boat ride away from Boca Chica. This beautiful haven gives you an unforgettable total immersion in nature with palm-lined white sand beaches, private boat trips to uninhabited islands, kayaking into mangroves, bird watching, whale- and monkey-watching, swimming, snorkeling or surfing. One of Panama’s fifteen nature refuges, this park is home to abundant wildlife including howler monkeys, ocelots, jaguarundi, raccoons, anteaters, coyotes, 900 species of birds, 1200 orchid varieties and 100 butterfly varieties.

The 11 private bungalows suites have either double or two twin beds, a private bathroom, thatched roof outdoor “rancho” patio with hammocks and its furniture handcrafted by local artisans overlooking the bay or ocean and only 32 feet from the beach.

Cala Mia´s has an on-site bar, Point Sur restaurant that has excellent Mediterranean-inspired gourmet cuisine, spa and infinity-edge freshwater pool perched on the edge of the ocean.