Central America Panama Land Tour

Best of Panama

The 9-day Best of Panama land tour is truly a comprehensive Panama trip, exploring Panama’s beaches, forest, history and culture, as well as a partial Panama Canal transit.

Discover the Panama Canal’s natural attributes and learn about the expansion work at Aqua Clara locks to increase the waterway’s capacity to move cargo from one ocean to the other by 50% within the next 15 years. Visit thriving indigenous villages, protected areas for conserving flora and fauna and Spanish colonial forts. Explore tropical cloud forests by trail or by ziplining between 14 different canopy platforms. Snorkel off Boca Brava and neighboring islands in Gulf of Chiriqui National Marine Park Island and discover the wildlife including white-faced capuchin, mantled howler monkey, Central American spider monkey, Geoffrey’s tamarin, little blue and green heron, great egret, anhingas, neotropical cormorant, green kingfishers, keel-billed toucans, osprey and more.

Moderate hikes offer 2-4 hours of activity each day, with opportunities for more adventures like riding in dugout canoes and meandering along white-sand beaches. Follow a naturalist guide to see more bird, mammal, reptile and plant species than the U.S. and Canada have combined. Tour local industries at Janson’s coffee estate and a sugar cane mill. From cloud forest canopy exploration to a partial Panama Canal transit, this is the Best of Panama adventure travel!

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