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Grace Bosco

Content & Marketing Coordinator

Grace’s journey into outdoor adventure and marketing began in Davis, CA, her hometown, where she developed a passion for exploration and getting outside. Growing up, she frequently visited Tahoe to ski, fostering her love for mountain living. Now a proud resident of Truckee, she fully embraces the alpine lifestyle, drawn by its rugged charm and abundant activities.

Her academic journey led her from the University of Colorado Boulder to Boise State University, with a memorable semester in Florence, Italy. Armed with a degree in integrated media and strategic communication, specializing in video production, Grace embarked on a career blending her passions for media creation and marketing.

Formerly, Grace honed her skills as a ski race coach in Tahoe before becoming a Content & Marketing Coordinator. Renowned for her versatility, she effortlessly transitions from capturing captivating footage as a videographer to crafting compelling copy as a writer. Her enthusiasm for making meaningful contributions to any project she undertakes is matched only by her efficiency and creativity.

What truly ignites Grace’s spirit in her current position is the opportunity to collaborate with a team of passionate individuals. She finds inspiration in the shared love for adventure that permeates the workplace and eagerly anticipates expanding her travel expertise to curate unforgettable experiences for others.

From a young age, Grace has been bitten by the travel bug, embarking on adventures with her family and immersing herself in diverse cultures abroad. Whether snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, paragliding over the Swiss Alps, or kayaking in Ketchikan, Grace’s motto has always been to experience the environment rather than merely observe it—a philosophy that aligns with AdventureSmith’s ethos of immersive travel.

Outside the office, Grace thrives in the great outdoors, indulging in activities like skiing, running and hiking. Her adventurous spirit beckons her to explore new destinations whenever the opportunity arises, ensuring her love for travel remains an integral part of her lifestyle.

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