Alaska Wildland Adventures

Alaska Wildland Adventures blue logo with wolf, fish and caribou.

Alaska is big and has a huge tourism industry, but true eco-operators are few and far between. Alaska Wildland Adventures has operated sustainable Alaska vacation packages, adventure tours and wilderness lodges for several decades. Founded in 1977 with the goal of sharing Alaska’s wilderness and wildlife with travelers seeking high quality, authentic Alaskan adventures, the company is the leader in guided small group Alaska tours.

AdventureSmith Explorations & Alaska Wildland Adventures

Alaska Wildland Adventures shares our goal of traveling beyond Alaska’s roads and rails to experience the wilderness, wildlife and solitude that our travelers are seeking. Like their selection of small ships, the company organizes travel for small groups to remote locations without sacrificing comfort. Experienced guides ensure every guest has a unique, personal interaction with Alaska’s natural environment. Small groups mean a bigger experience in Alaska.

Three Unique Alaska Lodges

The company owns and operates three Alaska wilderness lodges, each with its own personality and unique setting, yet all offer the same commitment to service and the environment. This network of lodges creates a foundations from which the company can operate small group wilderness tours and custom packages. Having control over the accommodations ensures they can maintain a high-quality experience in challenging wilderness locations.

Alaska Wildland Staff & Guides

Alaska Wildland Adventures strength is their staff. They have created a culture where everyone involved, from seasonal lodge staff to year-round sales and managers, is focused on guest satisfaction. They provide extensive positive-based training, which adds to the enthusiasm of every employee. They love what they do and it shows. Guest feedback is consistently off the charts, and we hear time and again how guides and lodge staff make their trips extra special.

Sustainable Alaska Travel

AdventureSmith Explorations always seeks partners with a commitment to sustainable travel and environmental conservation. As a true leader in Alaska ecotourism, Alaska Wildland Adventures exemplifies this commitment. Their primary focus is visiting remote and unaltered natural environments in a low impact, sustainable manner. They have an emphasis on education so travelers learn about the natural and cultural history of the places they visit. Their tours provide a direct benefit to the local economy, thereby providing an incentive for community support and preservation of wild areas and wildlife habitat. They have developed an award-winning Greenworks Program to reduce their own impact on the environment, while the lodges are pioneers in sustainable operations. 

The company’s core values align very well with AdventureSmith Explorations. They believe there is no substitute for experience. There is no need to sacrifice comfort. Guides are more than guides; they are the most important aspect of the traveler’s experience. Smaller groups mean a bigger experience. We are proud to partner with a company the puts the guest and the environment first.

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