California Seller of Travel

Registered Seller of Travel

AdventureSmith Explorations is a registered Seller of Travel #2069288 and a member of the Travel Consumer Restitution Corporation. We are required to deposit 100% of all customer funds into a businness client trust account. Registration as a seller of travel does not constitute approval by the state of California. 

Seller of Travel Act

The Act is a series of laws, which first took effect in 1995, that provide certain protections to consumers. In the past, a “seller of travel” provided or arranged air or sea travel. The law has been expanded to include sellers of travel who provide or arrange land and water vessel transportation services that exceed $300.

The Act applies to all purchases made from sellers who are located in California, as well as purchases by persons located in California from vendors who sell or offer to sell from locations outside the state. It includes both retail and wholesale transactions, and covers sales to tours operators, consolidators, and wholesalers. Airlines and cruise lines themselves and lodging establishments that book travel for their guests and accept no money for doing so are also not covered by the Act. Some motor clubs have to register, but otherwise are exempt from the Act’s requirements.

Travel Consumer Restitution Corporation

In 1995, the California legislature enacted the Seller of Travel Law, creating the Travel Consumer Restitution Fund for the benefit of consumers located in California who suffer losses as a result of the bankruptcy, cessation of operations, insolvency, or material failure of a seller of travel to provide the transportation or travel services contracted for. 

The Travel Consumer Restitution Corporation (TCRC) was created to decide claims made against the restitution fund. The TCRC is a Private Corporation governed by the Seller of Travel Law. It is not a government agency or an insurance company. It is not associated with or controlled by any seller of travel, and it does not represent any seller of travel.

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